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I had a pretty bad bed bug infestation in my house. It was the first time in my life ever experiencing this problem. I have learned many things now how to combat them and eradicate them, so I will elaborate to help you too.

First off, I feel for you if you have this problem, but there is tremendous hope. So try to have a positive attitude and know there are methods to easily eradicate these terrible nightmare bugs.

These bed begs seem like the most impossible things to eradicate, but they are not if you get them the smart way.

Let them hunt you; do not waste your time thinking you can hunt them. I searched high and low through couches and chairs all the while many times never finding a single bed bug yet still frequently getting bit.

Yes, you could steam them, but how can you steam a ghost that is better at hiding than coyotes. These things are blood sucking vampires. They love the taste of blood and they will stop at nothing to come out and get it, namely you or me.

So, with that said, let them fall on their own sword. Just play defense properly.

There are only Five natural ways that I have learned how to play defense and counter attack these bugs and actually completely eradicating them.

1. Time. Yes time will kill these bugs. Though, an adult bedbug I have learned can survive up to 400 days. Ultimately, these bugs can only survive when they feast on you or your family. Believe me, when enough time goes by they will indeed come out of hiding and come after you which brings me to my next point.

2. Isolation. Separate yourself and your family from these things if possible. Vacuum your bed where they are visible in plain sight. Wash your sheets, quilts, clothes, and bedding in only hot water to kill live bugs and tiny eggs.

Then, encase your mattress and box spring with a mattress and box spring encasement cloth to where any stragglers can not get out or bite you any more. Time will eventually kill them.

Then, set plastic Tupperware bowls under your bed pole legs to protect yourself. Bedbugs can not fly or jump well. They can only crawl. You could use metal dog dishes or the like. They can not climb vertical slippery plastic. These bowls will keep bed bugs from crawling up your bed poles to bite you or your family. You can even fill these dishes with water or powder which I will get to later.

Also, keep any quilts or bed sheets from touching the floor as you sleep. Additionally, pull your bed away from the wall to keep them from using the wall as a ladder to your bed.

3. Powder. There are two types of powder that I have learned will indeed kill these bed bugs. They both work extremely well and really will be your best self defense weapon against these biters. The first powder is called Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade. Only use the food grade when using this. I have learned to use a generous amount when using this to kill the bugs. This powder attaches to the bug's gland and then drys them out and kills them. use it safely though, it is hazardous to breathing it in. Though, it is like a heavy flour type consistency of a powder; therefore, it does not fly around in the air that easily unless really disturbed. This powder does indeed work from my experience and kills them within 10 days.

Note: if you sleep on the floor, encircle yourself in a circle of protection with a wall of powder protecting you. Do this also similarly if you have a back board on your bed.

Secondly use, CimeXa powder. From what I learned it does not have a breathable hazard, but it still can be an eye irritant if you get it in your eye. This power can be used more sparingly with combing the powder with water in a spray bottle and mixing together then spray in desired areas. The powder does not dissolve in water and will still stay in powder form once the water sprayed evaporates away from the powder. It is much less noticeable compared to the other powder and said to be even more effective. This CimeXa powder kills the bed bugs sticking to the bed bugs exoskeleton and dissolving it to where the bug dies from dehydration within 2-3 days. You can spray this around your bed pole legs, under furniture, etc.

4. Carbon Dioxide traps: aka: CO2 traps. Bedbugs are attracted to CO2 which is emitted from out of our own mouths after we exhale when we sleep or anytime for that matter. These traps emulate a real person of which the bug really does not know the difference. It is really simple to do, just like making bread. Get warm water, not too hot. Pour the water in an old juice bottle or any bottle from about a medium to small size. Pour a generous amount of sugar in the bottle, about 2-3 cups is sufficient. Then, shake the bottle to dissolve the sugar into the the water. Next, add one packet of dry active bread yeast. Swoosh the yeast around very lightly just enough to coat the yeast with some water in the bottle. Then let sit. Remember, only fill about half to 2/3 up the bottle with the water sugar mixture because when the fermentation process starts it will rise the water mixture and want to expand out the top of the bottle if not enough room is given to expand.

Once you start smelling a nice gassy smell emitted from the bottle, then you are ready to put a bread bag or zip lock bag on top of the bottle extending downward while leaving enough room for the CO2 gas to slowly emit out of the top then run down the sides of the bottle and exiting at the bottom of the side part of the bottle with at least two small openings.

You are using the zip lock bag to control and guide the CO2 gas downwards to get trapped mostly in bottom of the container that you will use. The CO2 gas is in fact heavier than air.

The CO2 gas is considered to be the bait in this trap.

Now all you will need is another decent size plastic Tupperware container that you can place the bottle comfortably inside safely from touching the side walls of the container. After this is accomplished, build these bed biters a ramp to walk up to the top of the plastic container. You can use a few paper towels to accomplish this. Just ensure the paper towel gets them to the very top edge. Use any tape that will accomplish the job to fashion the paper towel on the edge. Now, the bed bugs can walk from the floor up the paper towel ramp and take one step too many and slide down the container of which gravity forces them in and keeps them in. You can stop here. You can place the container in a corner or under your bed.

Though, if you want to be over the top like me sometimes to ensure to get them even if they just come for a sniff, then place powder around the bottle area and in the container.

Remember, the CO2 gas sits at the bottom of the container which they can sense. That is why we use a zip lock bag or if desperate a bread bag. It is important that the CO2 just does not escape up in the air and that it gets lost wear we do not want it. We want to channel it down in our container so that they want to take a little dip for the night or day thinking they will fill their little bellies, but not so.

Just take note too, bed bugs when faced between the opportunity of biting you or walking in the trap to take a look, they will bite you as it must be some kind of sixth sense they have. Though, this trap is effective if you are not home or in another room. It may still work when you isolate yourself in your bed when the bugs get desperate.

I have actually learned to even use our home bath tub as the container and put the CO2 bottle fermentation bait with the sugar, water, and yeast mixture inside the bath tub in which the bed vampires can not get out once they walk up the paper towel ramps and fall over the edge into the bath tub. They eventually die from over excursion and I believe even the CO2 actually suffocates them too.

5. Bed pole traps. You could actually use the same bed pole safe guards as spoke of earlier, but yet also used as a trap. Just build a ramp up this pole protector container and put powder inside the container or even soapy water. The bugs will climb up the ramp fall into the powder or soapy water mixture and drown. If using powder in the container, then make sure you even powder the bed poles too so that they can not walk up them either while in the container. This method might be more effective if you have pets that can not reach their snouts inside the container and lick the powder. I really do not know the dangers of these powders concerning animals. So you will have to do more research or be especially careful where to use these powders when using this as a weapon against these bed bugs.

Last note, bugs hate light. So, it might help ward them off of you for a few nights by keeping the lights on all night. Though, this advice is not an answer to the problem because as I said these bugs get desperate and they will boldly come out into the light when hungry which is about all the time.

Final note:

We noticeably had a bad infestation in my house just starting five months ago, though we only started to combat them a month ago with these methods. Remember, 30\\% of people do not have bad reactions to bed bug bites. I started taking things more seriously when I got bit badly and when they came out in clear site at times.

Using the methods described we now only have a few stragglers come out to try to get us from time to time in which they will soon be dead too. Our peace is almost fully back in our house. They used to feast on my whole family.

All the best my friends, follow these methods and you shall have your peace back!

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Coming from someone who lives in an apartment and can't for the life of me get a hold of my landlord for permission to get a pco (nor do I have the money for treatment. Seems like it would be cheaper to move but we can barely afford to feed ourselves right now), this article gives me hope. I'd like to think we caught this thing early, and are already taking some of the steps above. I haven't seen a live bug in about a week and don't think I've been bitten recently either after powdering and vacuuming. Will be using tax money to buy an encasement for our couch (the only thing so far that seems possibly infested as its the only place we sleep or have seen evidence of bugs). Everything says it's hopeless to manage the problem on your own, but I'd like to think as long as you do enough research, that it is possible for us poor folk to fight this war even if it takes twice as long. Personally I don't care where the light is at the end of the tunnel, as long as it exists, and since I cant see myself winning the lotto anytime soon the idea of having even 500 to spend let alone 1000 is laughable in the most depressing way. Thank you for your story and your wisdom. My heart goes out to anyone else facing this. Just don't give up. Let these bugs make you angry and use that anger to build back the energy they took from you, and use that energy to kick their little bloody asses!

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