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I had BV for over a year. After having it for so long I convinced myself it was never going to go away. At first I tried the doctor approach and was prescribed flagyl, which did not work, and then was prescribed clindamycin, which also did not work. I proceeded to try various home remedies each for extended periods of time, all which had varying effects:

1. Boric acid suppository, left in overnight. This got rid of a lot of the itchiness, pain, and discharge. However, I still felt very uncomfortable and as soon as I stopped taking it, the worst of my symptoms would come roaring back.

2. Vitamin C, inserted overnight. This just didn't work for me at all.

3. Acidophilus inserted overnight. This didn't do anything.

4. Hydrogen peroxide soaked tampons, 2X daily each for 30 minutes. this helped immensely, but if I skipped a day all my symptoms would come back.

5. Rephresh pro-b probiotics, 2 x daily (as opposed to the 1 time a day as stated on the bottle). A noticeable improvement, but still some pain, itchiness and mild discharge.

After experimenting with ALL of that for a year, I figured out what works for me. Boric acid suppository left in overnight (not every night but about 3 times a week) AND Rephresh Pro-B probiotics taken 2 times a day (once in the morning and once at night). Rephresh Pro-B has an enteric coating to make sure that the probiotics survive your stomach acid and make their way through your system to actually cross over into the vaginal tract. The two probiotic strains it contains are l. rhamnosus and l. reuteri. The two methods on their own (boric acid + rephresh pro-b) didn't help to completely rid my symptoms, but when used together I finally feel normal.

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