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I love how so many postings in here start with: 'I know it sounds crazy but....'

So here's mine...

Vinegar socks.

The danger here is that this method will bring down a very high temperature VERY quickly...

It's simple.... take a pair of socks, soak them (I mean SOAK them... like in a sink) in regular white vinegar, then put them your feet (or better said... on the feet of the person with the fever).

Be sure to monitor the temperature WHILE the socks are on. It will drop in seconds.

P.s. You may want to have an old towel at the foot of the bed, under the feet with the vinegar socks... it get's a little smelly...

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I have an ear infection and have had a fever for a week straight. I was woken up at like 11:45 and it's now 3:11 and I was so frustrated and uncomfortable and tired and unable to sleep that I was sobbing and throwing a tantrum. I googled home remedies and saw this and was like 'might as well.' It worked! After further research I found that cold water would've worked but I think the smell of the vinegar gave it a placebo effect as well. I'm sitting here with a bottle of ice water, squirting the socks when they get dry and have a fan directed right at me. I am no longer trying to squirm out of my skin. THANK YOU!


Totally amassed! I must admit that I am a little skeptical about things like this, but I researched for home remedies because over the counter medicine was not working for my 6 year old daughter. So after two days with 102-103.5 (was the max) I did the socks and Wallah!! Her fever went down to 100.2... Thank you!! God Bless! :)


Thanks for the remedy, I just tried this on my 7 year old son and his fever went down. love the home remedies!!!


I never knew about the socks thing ,, All I do know its cold water on legs, arm, armpitts, head, neck all over the body works for me.. but you have to keep making it cold.. thats the only was to control the fever... now she was it and i dont have white viniga... I just went out side and came back got the,, shes 98.9 and 100.2 on the other ear out of 102... I feel much better but we still have to keep an eye on it... Thank you Lord, some time if you pray God answers prayers, it does work as well.

Texas Momma!

Thank You very much. I didn't have White Vinegar so I used Apple Cider Vinegar that I had. My 12 month olds fever of 102.8(armpit) went to 100.1(armpit) in the hour!!! I will remember these for future use.


i read somewhere that you can dilute One table spoon of the vinegar with one cup on water and soak the soaks and rags you wrap around the writs.
maybe diluting will take longer to lower temp but its better since a fever that goes down quickly can shock the body.

my child is sick and want to try this but not sure if she will accept to put them!!!
let s see, i really beleive this works



Wow... Thank you for the remedy. My daughter is 11 mos old and has had a fever for 2 days now and is on amoxicillin for fluid in her ear. Been giving her liquid Tylenol per Dr. And nothing would break her fever of 103.5. Tried this and 15 min later her fever dropped to 101.4 and holding steady.

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