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I love how so many postings in here start with: 'I know it sounds crazy but....'

So here's mine...

Vinegar socks.

The danger here is that this method will bring down a very high temperature VERY quickly...

It's simple.... take a pair of socks, soak them (I mean SOAK them... like in a sink) in regular white vinegar, then put them your feet (or better said... on the feet of the person with the fever).

Be sure to monitor the temperature WHILE the socks are on. It will drop in seconds.

P.s. You may want to have an old towel at the foot of the bed, under the feet with the vinegar socks... it get's a little smelly...

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thank you so much for this one...My daugther had a temp. of 104.5 and we tryed the socks and in about 20 mins my baby whent to a temp of 100.7
A million thanks ...To everyone alse this really works and its simple...We should all keep vinegar at home..The only thing is that Now she has stinky feet, but I can deal with that...some of the other remedies are not really home remedies...They are talking about thing I have never even heard of....This is the best one....Thanks alot...


thank you for this wonderful tip. my husband had a fever of 104.2 and even after a cool bath i could only get it down to 102.2 so i put a rolled up hand towel in a dish pan and had him put his feet in where the towel was in the arch of his feet and poured viniger over his feet till it almost covered both feet and took his temp one minute later and it was 101.3 his temp and still coming down . thank again


Didn't work :(
I was putting cold towel soaked in water with vineger on my husband's forehead and armpits. That brought down his temperature from 104.5 to 100.2. I wanted it to try vineger sacks, put 'em on my husband's feet, and 10 min later his temperature was back to 104. :( Strange..


this home remedy it really works, my daughter verytime she got fever we use vinegar. it drop her temperature in minute,,,a bit smelly but effective

Lucky Eddie

I've been sick with a fever. My wife came home and told me about the vinegar socks remedy she'd just heard of. I ridiculed the idea, as I usually do with old wives tales with absurd explanations and no reputable medical backing. But an hour or so later, lo and behold!, my fever had dropped a degree.

To say that I was impressed is an understatement. You see, there's more: I didn't actually do the socks thing. I dismissed the thought and continued to relax in my easy chair and watch a movie on TV. Yet it worked anyway! So you don't need to get your feet smelly. Just talking about it, even to a skeptic, will cause the fever to retreat in fear.

Or you can call it an old husbands tale. Or sometimes the body just heals itself, as it's been doing for millions of years.

Interesting related footnote: that night my wife rubbed my back with Ben-Gay because my muscles were sore from coughing. I wore a T-shirt so as not to smear the sheets. A couple of hours later I awoke with the shirt completely soaked - but my fever gone. Perhaps dampness of any kind (from vinegar, egg whites, cognac or plain water) applied to feet, back or elsewhere, causes sweating - which is the body's natural temperature lowering mechanism.

Teri - Raigh's Mommy

I think this is awesome! My daughter who is 3 1/2 had a fever of 102.7 for nearly 2 days straight. Shes on antibiotics for an infrection and the ER said just keep giving her motrin and tylenol. Neither helped. I was really getting worried b/c the hospital said it wasnt a big deal. I tried this. Being 3 she didnt like the wet socks and cried for me to take them off after about 3 minutes. I that amount of time her fever went from 102.7 to 101.1...I was like 'well, ok, at least its better' Then about 30 minutes later she crawled up in my lap and fo rthe first time in two days wasnt hot to the touch. Took her temp again and it was down to 98.8! And stayed there. Would definately recommend doing this, especially for a kid with a fever. Its effective and quick.


Water has a higher Specific Heat Capacity than vinegar.

Thus you would do better to put your socks in water.

This vinegar thing is an old wives tale based on either psychosomatic behaviour, reporting-bias or both.

If a hundred people try this and it happens to work for 30 of them. The 30 are likely to recall and restate the impact. Thus it becomes known that 'this works'. Sadly the 70% who didn't happen to have an improvement in their fever are less likely to report the outcome of the experiment.

Please study statistics and research theory before believing this kind of heresay


Why do people need to be so mean, no one cares how smart you think you are! If you don't believe in this stuff, keep your mouth my mother always said, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!!!

Let people believe what they wish, I can't stand when snot nosed jerks throw their opinion out there as if it's educated facts all because they used a cluster of LARGE words to compensate for something else!

I'll tell you what, my 18 month old has had a fever of 103.2 and hasn't responded to anything, we've done motrin, tylenol, supositories and I googled home remedies in hopes that i'd at least get her temp down by one degree. I tried this on a whim, not sure if it would work, I believe in home remedies and I try to use those over meds any day but my children have proven to not respond to anything unless it is strong! Never the less, she is down to 100! Thank you for your post, and anybody who feels the need to pick on this idea or any other, is bored and looking for someone to pick on!


Tried this today with my 9 year old. Temp started at 101.5 last night and by 8am it was up to 103.5. Gave her Advil, and that brought it down to around 100 for about 4 hours. I think it got down to 99.8 (I was working and Husband took her temp) and shot up to 103.5 as soon as the Advil started to wear off. So we tried this. She cried because it made her feet cold. Her temp kept climbing, 104. Removed socks (she had her feet in a bowl so not to get the sheets wet) and gave her Tylenol. She then got sick, tylenol was the only thing in her tummy, and fever spiked at 104.5. At that point I called the doctor. I am all for letting a fever do what it needs to do, but when it gets that high, well I don't want her to have anything happen to her brain. Gave her a warm bath and Advil and Tylenol (per the nurse). Of course, as soon as we pull into the doctor's parking lot her fever breaks and starts sweating like crazy. That was about 3 hours ago and the fever hasn't returned.
Did the sock help? I don't know. Her leg were starting to cool down. I will have to try again when we don't have a fever that is so high.

wcharles in japan!!

I just tried this remedy, however I used Japanese rice vinegar because I am currently living in Japan!! My fever has dropped noticeably! Thank you for posting this!! I have only had my vinegar soaked socks on for an hour now and my feet super cool ;) ! Also, I have kept my apartment well ventilated, at a good temperature, monitored my temperature (every 30 mins) and I also took ibuprofen as well (1st dosage 800 milligrams, 2nd dosage 400 milligrams). Thank you again to whoever posted this it is much appreciated!! ;)

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