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Keep'n it Real

There is no way to completely get rid of stretch marks..if there was we would all know about it. There is defenetly a way to dramatically improve them..Microdermabrasion cloths work!!!! you're pretty much buffing the strech marks away. You can get a microderm abrasion cloth over the internet i.e. ebay. Buff the stratch marks as you would buff a shoe untill slightly pink and the surface of the skin is unbeleivably soft, then wait a week and do it again..unitl you achieve your results...Im sure if you apply aloe vera or cod liver or any of those magic creams people claim to work could only help so what do you have to loose. microderm obrasion cloths are also good for your whole body...the little shave bumbs on the back of your thighs...white heads black heads..minor acne...or just to improve the look and feel of the skin..

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I Think you should speak for yourself when you say there is no way to get rid of them...alot of us have proof u just have to find what works for you

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