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Miracle paste works !!!

All u wonderful people !! Am leaping in joy... :-) the wonder paste cured me from the abscess pain in jus 3 hrs !! I had the first abscess occurence in Jan was an excruciating pain and I didn't have the patience to Google a home it operated and went through a painful procedure.. all went well till last week..again started feeling a pain in the same place..went to the doc and they gave their regular painkillers and told if it doesn't subside would need to do the procedure like last time..I was in no mood to get admitted again..

Came home and searched for a home remedy for anal fistula and abscess formation.. got to read all the posts in this grp...the tea tree oil + turmeric paste combo!!! Whoaaaaa... worked a wonder in just 3 hrs !! Applied it at 10:30 pm and had a sleepless painful 3 the end...heard a soft pop and could feel the abscess getting drained into the cotton gauze !! Cleaned myself and sat in a tub of hot water for 10 min..again have put a cotton gauze and planning to visit the doc tomorrow to get a check done...

Thanks u lovely people... and yeah this wonder paste truly works !!!

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Please share how you made the paste.


Jus few drops of tea tree oil and turmeric..would suggest u make a fresh paste out of the turmeric and not any powder already available in market...


Wow I am so grateful for this remedy I had been dealing with an abscess that was a little larger than a golfball that was only getting bigger. I tried this remedy as noted 1/4 tsp tea tree oil, 1 tsp turmeric & 2 tbs epson salt. I mixed into a paste applied it with gauze pads over to cover then I used a hot compress for about 20-25 mins & it finally popped as I was ready to take another sitz bath. I had been dealing with this over the weekend by only taking very warm sitz baths and knew I couldn't make it another night. I went online and found this website and was ready to try anything that made sense and I am so glad I did. Thank You all who have contributed to this I am so very grateful and relieved!! Fyi- Lars post has terrific information as well!


Guys i saw small pimple kinda thing just 0.5 cm away from anus 5 days ago. Its not draining as of now. But it pains when i sit, walk. Its size is also small like cyst but i think its gonna get bigger.

Can i try using this turmuric paste? Will it make my condition worse?

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