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Soaked feet in one part bleach and two parts water for about 15 minutes. Took a new emery board & used pumas stone and would file over the thick nail and then resoak foot as I worked on the other one. Kept doing this until alot of the thickness was removed. Air dried feet. Rubbed vicks vapor rub & socks in evening before bed. In morning rubbed some coconut oil on nails before putting on stockings/sock. Nails are looking great, continuing process in hopes to be fungual free. I would think that if bleach is too harsh probably using some peroxide and water would be just as good. Take it slow and see what works best for you.

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Why would anyone dip their feet in bleach?


Maybe it works? Bleach kills bacteria and if you're not overly sensitive, (I'm not), then it just might work. Why wouldn't you dip them in bleach? Its strong but probably not as bad foe you as some of the pills big pharma puts us on... maybe it'd be better to just wrap the affected toenail in a cloth with the diluted bleach on it? Idk. We supposedly do soak up things through the soles of our feet... so I understand the Why Bleach question, just don't think it's any more harmful than other crap people are given to put inside their bodies.


Most bleach has chlorine (spel?) - just look at a clorox label. Can't remember why, but very bad for you. Because of that and the fact that things absorb easily through the bottoms of the feet, think you'd be better to use one of the other choices.

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