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Natural Eugenol, or clove oil, I just had four wisdom teeth cut out, and have dry socket in both of the lower extraction sites. If you use gauze pads to cover your tongue, and basic chap stick for your lips it makes the stinging much more tolerable. I wouldn't wish dry socket on my worst enemy.

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On 04/19/17 I had a top right molar extracted, on or about the 21st I started to notice some discomfort and then pain that seemed to extend into my eye area and of course the pain got real heavy at night. I read the posts that all of you folks had provided reference using the clove oil. At 2030 hours we raced to Sprouts and bought a bottle of Clove Oil, got home and my wife using a Q tip applied the oil to my affected area. In just a few minutes I noticed a lack of pain. I want to thank each and everyone of you folks for taking the time and recommending the use of the Clove Oil to solve this discomfort. Thank You again!

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