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I've often felt that my restless legs were a result of pressure on nerves in my groin from fecal matter. So I googled "abdominal massage for constipation" on you tube. When one or both legs begin to have symptoms, I lay on my back and do an abdominal massage to move the "poop" along. As I do the massage, I usually feel some relief in the particular leg or legs just from doing that, but finally realized that after I did that for a while I started sensing some relief. Most of the time after several minutes, the restlessness would subside enough where I would just fall back asleep. I didn't realize that it was working for a while until it dawned on me the next morning that I had had only one episode that night and after the massage it was relieved to the point that I slept the rest of the night. Just know that it takes a while for the nerves to calm down once you've taken the pressure off that area by massaging the poop past that area. Your legs my continue to tingle even after you stop the massage, but it finally calms enough to fall back asleep. I haven't been able to determine exactly how long it takes before the restlessness calms down and I go back to sleep...because I go back to sleep. I just know that in the morning, I realize the episode didn't keep me awake for hours tossing and turning.

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