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After we discovered that dusting with powdered sulfur kept chiggers from hitching a ride on us, we decided to try it on our yard. I used the hand held gadget for broad casting grass seeds. Filled it with sulfur and cranked it while I walked all over the yard. I really think that a flour sifter might have worked better. For 10 years or so we had no problems. It is time to retreat it now. I recently got 5 or 6 bites in very personal lady places. That was Friday evening when I started itching. Monday morning I will be at my doctors office for a magic shot like the ones I sometimes have to get for poison ivy. My prescription cortisone cream that stops patches of poison ivy in two applications is only giving temporary relief now, even with Benedryl tablets. I just tried aspercream gel with lidocaine to see if it helps. But believe me, the shot is worth every penny.

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