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Ears blocked a few days ago, hadn't used any drops or anything until today. Here's what I did...

- put LOADS of olive oil in my ear, lie down with that ear up and let it soak for 20 mins

- then I got straight in the shower and had it really warm, which kinda loosened it a bit.

- then when I dried my hair I blasted some hot air around my ear for a bit and this also helped a little bit.

- then I used the Aculife ear cleanser and shot blast after blast of hot water in my ear. Took quite a few attempts but it worked and now my hearing is clearer than its been it ages!

I was worried it wouldn't work as I hadn't been using drops for a few days before but it totally did! Whole process from first putting drops in to a clear ear was 2 hours max! Amazing!

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Okay I have had this problem twice now. The first time i went to a doctor and they flushed my ear with a solution of hot water and peroxide I believe. Cost $165 and I was out of sots for almost 3 hours. Not pleasant but it worked. Last night problem reoccurred. I drew a hot bath, as hot as I could handle. Submerged my head for about 10 minutes. Then flushed 3 times with a bulb syringe... Whala! Wax gone and I could hear again. Don't be afraid to put that bulb syringe in you ear and press hard on the bulb! The more intense the stream the better! Yah Bless!

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