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I did ACV for the past 3 anus is a war zone and hurts a lot but everything is gone except for one bump that turned black but hasn't went off yet. I dont dare continue with ACV as the pain was so intense it gave me depression. I guess I'm just gonna wait for it to heal and maybe the remaining black bump will go on its own? Any recommendations? I'm really down because of this process.

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Update: noticed small warts appearing again. I've never been so down...


Hope you are okay. Go see a doctor if ACV does not help.

Been there dont b down

What u need to do is get ur hands on an anesthetic ointment like lidocaine. Put tht around and a little right at the ring of the anus. Wait a couple of seconds THEN put either very small pieces of acv on it or drops of tea tree oil on them. U wont feel a thing.


I would to know what acv stand for?

A Non Amos

ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar

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