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Elizabeth H.

I have had AC for almost a month. A pharmacy tech I know recommended a washcloth with hot water before applying anything and this has helped a great deal. The most important thing is to not open your mouth wide enough to reinjure yourself while your wounds are dry. so keep them moist but make sure you have something on there. (neosporin, curad silver solution..etc) I finally broke down and purchased the silver solution and have seen a HUGE improvement in the last 24 hours. Use the warm wash cloth, hold it on your affected areas until the washcloth is no longer warm, use the same washcloth to gently remove any excess skin and then apply silver solution liberally. Use a different washcloth each time because it needs to be clean and you don't want to reinfect yourself. I hope this helps someone! P.S. The silver solution says to apply once daily and cover with bandage. I've been applying every 4 hours (no bandage) with no bad side effects so do not be afraid to apply as needed.

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This is the only thing left on this Earth I haven't tried! To get rid of my angular cheilitis and if this doesn't work I really have no hope:(

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