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For bad ear aches/infections squeeze lemon juice in your ear, keep it in for a few seconds, then let it drain out. I put a towel over my ear so it doesn't drain into my hair...that gets pretty sticky! The lemon has to do with changing the Ph levels in your ear. The bacteria is a base, and if you add the lemon, an acid, it neutralizes the Ph levels in your ear so that the bacteria cannot live in there!

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Wow! Thank you so much for posting this!! I wasn't sure if this would work, but my ear already feels better.


im about to try this because my ear is killing me nd ive tried sleeping thru the pain nd no such luck i found this to b the easitest nd most popular remedie on here so wish me luck....


idk im sitting here with this pain ive tried this rememdie nd well so far no luck...i wish this would work im such a baby wen it comes to pain in my ears or n my teeth...ugh i guess ill keep looking for remedies i aint got the money for the darn dr bill...

Happy Dad

I am a father of 4. My kids have been passing some flu type stuff around for 5yo got a bad earache today, my wife had bought some drops from the pharmacy last week when my 7yo had it....they did not work.....I tried the lemon juice, and WOW !!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH !!!!! He stopped screaming in a matter of seconds, 5 mins later, he was up playing!


thought this was a crazy remedy but we had to try it an to our surprise it worked yay no more pain and i smell lemonie fresh


I've had ear infections frequently for about 2 weeks and have done my best to ignore them, but today was definitely much more painful, so I tried the lemon juice since it seemed like the most efficient remedy and it was an instant fix. Thanks!


I just tried it figuring I have nothing to lose. My ear has been hurting for a week. While it did nothing for my sore throat obviosly, MY EAR FEELS SO MUCH BETTER!!!! No lie, this tip is awesome! I even wrote it down for when I have kids who have an ear infection!!! I just put some REALLEMON on a cotton ball and squeezed into my ear and it worked instantly. Mother nature is pretty cool!!! Thanks soooo much :)


It's 1 a.m. and my 8 year old is finally asleep approx. 5 min. after I used the warmed lemon juice. Nothing was working: tylenol, vinegar, hair dryer or the rice bag. So since I didn't have anything to lose, I decided to try this remedy. She has been crying hysterically for an hour and now she is completely asleep. Thank you for your help. It's fabulous!


Thank You !!!!
My ears have been plugged or infected for 4 days due to a cold I had caught. I tried the peroxide...that always worked for me before...but not this time...I tried the apple cyder worked for about an hour...
I just tried the lemon took a couple mins. before my ears opened up but it worked!!!
Thank you!!!


I am a bridesmaid at a wedding today, all the girls went to get their nails and hair done. Meanwhile, I am sitting at home with a horrible earache. The pain is excruciating! I was putting over the counter eardrops and even got some hydrocodone and neither worked. I read this- had no lemon- but tired of the pain, I tried lime juice, it really cleansed out my ear and the pain is gone!!! Thank you so much!

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