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For bad ear aches/infections squeeze lemon juice in your ear, keep it in for a few seconds, then let it drain out. I put a towel over my ear so it doesn't drain into my hair...that gets pretty sticky! The lemon has to do with changing the Ph levels in your ear. The bacteria is a base, and if you add the lemon, an acid, it neutralizes the Ph levels in your ear so that the bacteria cannot live in there!

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This remedy helped me out! I had an earache for a day caused by a cold, felt lots of pressure in both ears, couldn't hear as well in both either, and sharp pain in one of my ears. I used 'Real Lemon' juice instead of from an actual lemon (I thought it would be more gentle). I just put some drops in, let it rest for less then a min then tipped my head and drained for both ears. I felt instant relief, but I did follow with olive oil because there was a bit of an uncomfortable tingle with the lemon juice. It's a couple hours later and I still feel much relief! The hearing isn't fully back yet, but that will come with time. I'm just glad there's no more pain!


Thank you for your post. I've had really bad congestion for the last few days and the build up had began in my ears shortly after. I tried the lemon juice and while it helped with the pain I've still got alot of draining and still can't hear completely clear. Thank you though.


Do to economic times I'm limited on $ and Anyhow I happened to have a lime so i tried it. I squeezed it, warmed it 4 a few secs in the microwave n then dropped some in each ear. Felt good til I had to let it run back out..the cold air hurt my i used some i'm out of cotton balls too. I feel a bit better..I just wish i had the stuff to relieve my chest congestion now..Maybe tomorrow. ..It's 3am..and i have to get sum rest for work..thanks! ;-)


i love worked instantly i was so close to caling 911 but i found your comment right before and tried it and i could hear the bacteria poping and i felt the air pressure come out of my ear


I didnt know how many drops to put into my ear, so i put 2. & i was up the previous night at 3:00 in the morning, and i just did this remedy because i have no medical and could not hear, and was in some serious pain to where it brings tears in your eyes, i mean it tingles for a second, but it feels good. And its almost like instant releif!! I just wanted to thank you, and i know what to do for my son, and husband from now on!


well, i gotta say it didn't quite work the way i was hoping it would...but it did, all i have is pressure! but the pain is gone...


My 14 month old couldnt sleep and keep crying i tried the lemon juice and my angel went right to sleep


This didnt work at all....I dont think you know what your talking about!


My ear has been bothering me for weeks. I'm in law school, so I am short on time and money, and I have been dreading going to a doctor. But it was getting to the point where I was unable to cope with it and didn't know what to do. On a whim, I searched for 'ear ache home remedy' and found this site. The lemon juice thing made sense, and I had lemon juice. I squeezed some into my ear (from the 'RealLemon' that I had in the fridge), and within seconds I heard my ear opening up. It was a weird, sort of uncomfortable sensation for a moment, but I within seconds I felt a lot better. Thank you so much! I can sleep now!


I just tried it and it had made no difference :(

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