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For bad ear aches/infections squeeze lemon juice in your ear, keep it in for a few seconds, then let it drain out. I put a towel over my ear so it doesn't drain into my hair...that gets pretty sticky! The lemon has to do with changing the Ph levels in your ear. The bacteria is a base, and if you add the lemon, an acid, it neutralizes the Ph levels in your ear so that the bacteria cannot live in there!

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Worked for me too. Thanks


Ok, so I thoguht I would feel like an idiot with lemon juice and a turkey bastor in the bathroom but I feel better already. AWESOME !


This worked instantly!!!! So glad I found this site.


This didn't work for me yet. I'm still waiting for the pain/pressure to subside. I'm guessing that it is not an immediate reaction. I'll let you know if it is successful.


being 39 weeeks pregnant I wanted to try something other than Medications. Thanks for the tip. I can still hear the fogginess, but the pain is gone!


OMG, I love you people. I tried it on my daughter who was in tears because her ear hurt so bad. After a couple drops of lemon she was feeling better. Thanks a million.


i had a bad ear infection and i tried the lemon juice but it hurts real bad for about a minute or so


I am amazed at just how well this did work. Before the lemon juice, I couldn't even touch my ear it hurt so bad. While I was draining the lemon juice out, I could feel the difference in pain level. I was able to touch, itch, rub, it which felt sooooo good because it itched! Thanks for the tip. I will use it forever!


My little brother got an ear infection mid day, and he was in agony and pain, so what i did was i went online and i found this home remedy, so i was like wow, this seems logical (the ph and the fungus and such) and so i told him to put some drops of lemon juice in his hear, he was hesitant at first so i put lemon juice on a Q-tip and let him swab his ear out a bit (it did sting a bit of course, but that means its working! ;]) and then i eventually got him to put actual drops of lemon juice in his ear, his face expression was a painful one, but he was sure glad after we did that he fell straight to sleep MID DAY!!! must of been the motrin i gave him lol, but anyway he's feeling much better and sound asleep, thanks for the tip!!!


I am 26, just had a sinus infection, and got a really bad ear infection. The pressure was so bad at times that I would occasionally get spells (Appx. 1-3 mins. long) of vertigo. I could not sleep because of the intense pressure, and ringing. I tried putting an onion in my ear(suggested by my wife's family). THAT HAD NO MAJOR RESULTS! So, since it is the weekend, I tried the lemon juice because I had a lemon at home, and it seemed logical. I put some juice in my ear, and let it drain... instant relief! all of the pressure was gone. It came back about 1 hour later, but much less pressure than before. I put more juice in my ear, and it went away again.

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