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One of the best things that worked for me was Liquid Advil (green gel capsules)..cut one capsule open and either pour some on exposed tooth or what would probably be better is take a quip and dip iy in the liquid and put on tooth that way.but it numbs ur tooth and gums like 10X oragel or ambesol, was able to sleep like a baby after.

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I must admit this method does work like a charm,but I must've gotten some liquid on my upper gum and now that side keeps swelling. It goes down but it's like a fluidream filled bump that keeps coming back. Have you ever experience that.

Tooth pain

All I could say is the best of the best remedies I use is straight up goody's take the powder the normal way within 5 min the pain will go away if pain is serious give or take 10 min tops and also I go get this loose filling kit from CVS and stuff it in the painful teeth and it stays in for two weeks and you good to go on bout your day!!!


I had a minor toothache (nerve starting to show) an I wanna stop it before it gets real bad like I've had them before tried this an made it better in seconds don't taste good but worked!

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