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Drink a half a gallon of water per day.

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Tuscan Equine

Forget the:'You are suppose to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day anyway. 8 glasses in about 1 gallon'. Accually studies have shown that there is no accual 'number of glasses' of water per day the average human should drink. If you have 1 glass at each of your 3 daily meals, and some inbetween when you are taking oral meds or are feeling the slightest bit thirsty, you should be good. Dont limit yourself to '8 glasses a day', because your body may need a lot more to feel good.

DR Vanessa Hreha

its not a half a gallon of water a day you are supposed to drink 8 cups of water a day, but yes water will defiantly clear up your skin and make you healthy inside and out, and also make it harder to get UTI's (urinary tract infections)


8 cups of water = 64 oz. = 1/2 gallon
And if you're exercising much it's more desirable to drink closer to a whole gallon to replenish water lost through sweat. If you're drinking water until you feel bloated then that should be a sign to stop ... water is generally toxic at 2-3 gallons a day, so extremely rare to happen and it's less likely if you're consuming enough electrolytes (sodium ions).
Also, drinking plenty of water helps your joints out too -- I feel best in a soccer game when I've had at least 6 cups of water earlier in the day.


i agree..water does the body good. Changed a few of my eating habits AND drank a lot more water and my face cleared up.
BTW,the woman in the contest died because she drank all that water in 1 sitting. This is over the course of a day..BIG difference.

Dr. Nahio'zuskio

This is a reply to the comment someone made earlier. Someone said that there was no such thing as too much water. Im sorry to say but it is suggested that 2-5 people die each year in the US alone due to water poisoning. To much H2O causes cell in your body to become hypotonic. We in the scientific world call this 'WATER INTOXICATION'. OR more specific 'HYPONATREMIA'. Anyway, dont drink more water that you are confortable with. One gallon to a gallon and a half over a 24hr. period.


Wow I'm 38 years old and have never heard that you can drink to Much water that's a new one on me.... But thanks for the info....


i am a soccer player so it is important for me to stay hydrated cuz of the hot summer weather when i play. during my summer terniments i drink alot of water i didin't really notice how clear my skin was until my terniments where over. i wash my face every day and never had bad acne connsidering i started puberty. but when i stopped drinking alot of water i got more acne. so i started drinking more water and washing my face and my skin got more clear so drink lots of water it's healthy for your body and skin.


By the time you feel thirsty, your body is on the alert. You need to drink water even when you're NOT thirsty to be fully healthy.

Oh and dummy,
8 cups makes half a gallon.
16 cups are in a whole one.

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