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Dip ur feet in warm water and sprinkle a bit of salt in it. Or dettol etc.

Do it for 4-5 days atleast and fungus would start going away.

Another thing which can help is the vicks vapourab on the affected toenail. And then wear socks.

To avoid it for future. Wear tidy socks. Change ur socks daily and make sure ur feet are exposed to fresh air or are without socks for an hour per day.


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I had fungal toenail really bad and the best cure I have had is daktarin cream it's worked wonders on mine just apply to top of nail after cleaning feet and let it soak in keep cutting toenails and apply then as well I'm delighted with my results I noticed a difference in a week and hopefully by the end of 6weeks my toenails should be clear


Where do you get daktarin cream? Rx? My mom has it really bad and the people at the pedicure place have been cutting her toenails almost all the way back to the base of the nail and she's letting it grow out slowly... putting tea tree oil on them between pedicures. I am worried she will have ingrown nails because of cutting them so far back. No otc or Rx has worked for her in the past and I knew about tea tree oil so gave her some. Didn't expect to see her with getting them trimmed so drastically though.

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