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I've have a broken wisdom tooth with an exposed nerve with severe 100\\% pain, I've even been to the ER for it. And with no money to go to a dentist YET I have searched aimlessly for remedy after remedy, popped tylenol like candy, not helping, the shooting pain is so unbearable I was in tears for two hours, tried the toothpaste(it made the pain worse), peroxide mixture would help for about 6 minutes or so, salt water(no change), even rubbed vanilla extract on it and it helped decently so I decided to take some cotton and and dip it in the vanilla then shoved it in that hole and Voila, worked like a charm, no pain!!! Now maybe I can get some sleep tonight!!! Hope this works for you guys too :)

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right now ive tried a ton of this to stop my pain .theres a hole in my lower molar and it is aloso broken and the nerves exposed a lot ( i tried the vanilla extract and guess what it help but be cateful it burns if it catch ur lips


I cleaned out the hole very well to the point i had temporary relief. During that relief, made a blob of candle wax...when its hardening it becomes a soft that point i shoved it in...covering the nerve completely. Worked amazingly well and lasted til next meal. Worked so well i managed to last two more weeks using wax daily until my jaw swole up and was close to dying from the infection.

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