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So I just found out about a week ago that I have anal warts. I have read online that surgery to get rid of them, especially the ones inside, can be a horrible experience. Even after the surgery is done the pain will still be there. My question for everyone that has been using the ACV is how long does it take for the process to go into effect? Also once the warts go away how quickly do they come back if they come back at all? Finally how long does your anus take to heal? These little bastards are annoying and I'm hoping ACV will work for me.

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Where do I get this avc from? When u seach it's a health product is that it?


You can get ACV from Whole Foods or Wegmans or order one from A local grocery store in my area, Giant, now has one! Make sure it has a mother. There are two brands, Bragg and Spectrum, and Bragg is the most popular. I go with either one.


Apple Cider Vinegar Did you try your local convenience store?

I read this forum having found one in the crevice right on the tailbone and having given it a few digs ant it kept getting bigger thought I'd try this, only bought it yesterday, left it one all day yesterday in some cotton wool wedged in there then again all day today. It seemed a little bigger but sifter so rather then having another go with my nails and not being brave enough to take a pummis stone to my ass crack I dediced to scrunch up a couple of paper towels shamelessly liberated from work reach behind and starts scrubbing....DRY!

Unbelievably its gone!!

Put some ACV on there and the burning was so much more than earlier, probably because the thing had gone and exposed some delicate skin so gave it a clean with water and dried thoroughly with toilet paper.

Think I'll apply ACV using the cotton wool every few hours rather than leave it on there now just for a few more days

Man this stuff worked fast, I spent the extra 40 pence and went for the organic :p


Hello, I had an outbreak of anal warts about 6 years ago, I had a bunch of them all around my anus. I went to the Urologist and he cauaterized them. I wasnt painful and the healing process was ok I cant complain. Now I have one single wart and now its becoming bigger. I am applyng ACV cuz I dont want to spend more maney on that. Hope it works out. I will keep you posted. But if you can afford to go to private clinic do it. I think cautarization is the best way to get rid of them

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