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So, I noticed the bumps on and around my anal area about a week ago taking a shower. Thinking nothing of it the first day or so, I ignored them. Then I started looking online as I was annoyed when I touched that area during my showers. Well, after finding out it was warts, I started to panic as I've never had an STD in my life, though I might have HPV as I've had cold sores in the past.

Then a few days ago I stumbled onto this board and looked at people's experiences and remedies. Most of what I've seen is Apple Cider Vinegar is the most used in this situation. Looking at what they've done with the ACV, I decided to take action on this. So I bought a bag of cotton balls and some ACV at the store and started using it immediately.

The first time I kept it in for about 2 hours before I decided to take it out and shower. To my surprise, I saw some lumps of white skin coming off with the soap I used. So I think it started working. So after a few hours of having it off, I applied some more ACV and kept it there for an hour and a half, taking it out and then washing off again. To my surprise, more kept coming off, some of it black in color, but not much.

To confirm it is warts, I checked my anal area in the mirror and saw the white spots everyone else has claimed to see. So I am assuming with thee warts falling off, the remedy is working. I know some people have said that this remedy does burn, but as someone with a high pain tolerance, I am able to handle the burning.

My plan for this is to put the ACV on the affected area for an hour and a half, wash it off with soap and water, see how much gets taken off, wait about 2 hours before I reapply and repeat until gone. If it gets worse, I will contact my doctor. But I will keep everyone posted.

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