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A month or two ago I noticed these weird looking growths inside my vagina.. Typically I googled and was almost certain it was GW. Went to the doctors and after waiting 45mins to see her. she dismissed my concerns saying "it's probably just glands." I wasn't satisfied with this and made an appointment with another doctor.. straight away she said "it looks like warts." My heart sunk. I felt disgusting. I'm only 20yo and all the forums i looked at had a lot of 'recurring' topics - this was not comforting.

I have done plenty of research and have started taking garlic and olive leaf tablets, and Blooms Viral Guard Immunity Support tablets (all antiviral ingredients) along with eating healthy (although i do slip up). I've only been taking these for a few weeks now and have already noticed a difference! Internally i look much better, however there are now growths on my vulva which i have applied Warticon so hopefully that will help. I cannot express how much positive thinking helps. Do not stress, do not be upset. You are NOT alone! My doctor assures me every time this is incredibly common.

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So went to my doctor whow checked me out & I confess to have been dealing with too much stress and anxiety and what I was sure an ingrown hair sprouted in the most ridiculous annoyance in one of the worst places!! Glad to have found these posts because along with the tea tree that I was using already, I have now added ACV too. Amazingly the combination has shrunken this mountain to a molehill. Cannot wait to be free of this!! I've never felt more self-conscious and uncomfortable but elated to know that I wasn't alone. Wasn't sure how to bring it up to my partner so I've been avoiding intimacy altogether, smh. Thank you for all those who have posted & the encouragement that this can be beat living happy & healthy!!


Where i can buy waricon its that on pharmacy its oinment or???

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