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I've come across many posts about nerve pain, but including gum and overall tooth pain, both of which I don't have. I have an exposed nerve in the bowl of my tooth that shocks me every 8 minutes. This shock is unexplainable, but the anxiety I get when the next one comes, adds even more stress. I read about clove oil but for toothache pain, not these nerve shocks. Swishing with Listerine helps for about 20 minutes, ora-gel only numbed the side of my mouth, but when the jolts attempted to return, I could still feel a good 50\\% of it. Sensodyne helped for a bit of time, but ultimately, I would say swish the Listerine, then chew sugar free gum. Once the gum has completely softened, place the gum directly into the bowl of the tooth and let it sit there. I can still feel attempted jolts but only at about 10\\%. It's Memorial Day Weekend and emergency dentists are difficult to find, plus I have no money. Mind you, I've been replacing new gum every 8 hours, but I can successfully sleep for a long duration now. I know it won't work for everyone, but my post specifically targets nerve pain only within the tooth, nothing around the gum line or base.

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Ever since discovering clove in the past recent years its been a pain and might I say a tooth saviour. I know sites and disclaimers must say clove oil doesnt cure but I dont believe it. After going to dentist and them making things no better or even worse I now turn to clove for healing. My son got an abcess on his gum and I went for the clove til it went away. I had horrific pain and abcess months before his incident and pain went away and sensitivity for eating went away. Im here because I was checking if clove is ok for nerve pain. I just discovered your shock, its insane. Now its exposed in the way back of my upper tooth and Ive felt that insane shock I even called it a shock as I explained the pain to my husband. I will no way go for any harsh chemical washes and products anymore, I will rather burn with clove it so does the trick. My husband rather go dentist but he wont so easily so he has no choice but to prove me right about the clove when he gets pain desperate its the only thing that works for pain on the spot. I just washed yesterday with coconut oil and clove but today I decided to place the toothbrush with clove drop over coconut surface of the bristles right in the back facing up on nerve and turned on my electric toothbrush. I endured a tad shock pain just so the clove would brush right on it. Man I dont care, I want to see how it will work and heal. I am willing to put the clove to the test on nerve pain to see if it can heal it like it did my other tooth. BTW, this is the first time I ever even here about this shock or felt such pain myself but just now trying clove for it. I wouldnt do that other stuff you mention. I'd rather go for swishing with pink salt, or hydrogen peroxide i hear works well for cleaning germs too. I will be writing about my clove experiences. I have always had teeth issues even dentist cant fix so I am willing to confirm how amazing clove is for oral care, truly God sent!


I am trying clove oil and coconut oil, as well. I look forward to hearing thow it worked for you.


Wow, I too am searching for something to help soothe this SHOCK pain as well. I don't have clove....oil? but I do have almond oil....for a base to mix with clove oil, yes? I saw the more recent comment was yesterday.....I am hoping you return soon with your outcome.

Kelly Lee

You may need to ask about a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia. Before I was diagnosed, I had several healthy teeth pulled as I was convinced something was wrong with them. Many people with TN undergo extensive dental treatment for the pain in their teeth with no results. This is because the pain comes from a compressed and damaged facial nerve. Please see a doctor and ask about this condition. There is no cure, but there are treatments that can help.


Hi Kellie Lee are you apart of any support groups for this condition? I ask because I've found a few.


Take any pain reliever whether gel or pill form

and bite on it and spread it with your tongue towards the hole where the pain is

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