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I had a very resistant strain of BV. I tried hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, a week long salt water soak and bergamot essential oil mixed with water nothing worked. After I stopped my frantic and desperate internet search I was able to calm down enough to realize that I already had the answer from my medicinal herb studies. The cure consist of two ingredients. After a week or so of therapy it's gone forever. No taking a million capsules for the rest of your of your life.The cure is $10 or less. If you would like the cure feel free to email me at and I will share it with you. It's guaranteed to work. Mines cleared up in 1 day. Smell,discharge and fatigue gone but I kept it up for a week just to be on the safe side. I am a black woman in my 30s if that makes a difference to anybody as far the compare n contrast in remedies due to biological make up. However I am very sure this will work for everybody. Hit me up I'll help you get rid of this hellish condition.

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Please help me bv messing my sex life up ???? nothing working


how did u get rid of it


I am also a blk woman in my 30s and I've tried is ruining my sex life aswell please share your remedy

Too embarrassed

I have suffered from this for over 10 years and tried everything from pills, vinegar/peroxide douche and countless other things. I fixed my bv issue by accident. I had a thyroid issue and started juicing veggies and fruit for breakfast and lunch and dinner I ate my normal meal. After a week or so I noticed I no longer had that smell from the bv. I gave it another two weeks because I was so used to it always coming right back but two months of this plant based diet change and still no bv. I believe the increase of alkaline veggies and fruit intake is the cause of this change. My ph is now balanced after so many years of being out of whack. All the years of have to do so much prep just to comfortably have sex with my husband are now gone. Bv is something that can make you feel less than a woman due to that horrid smell. I am and always have been a very clean person and still have no idea how the bv started but I'm now a raw foods lover for life. Did I mention I also lost weight without trying. I was embarrassed to even write this hoping no one I know will be able to find out its me writing this. But after years of researching to try to find a cure I feel it would be an injustice if I didn't share my success story. The medicine is not a cure we have to fix the balance from the inside and it's all about incorporating the proper food that balances our insides. Also I no longer have the pain staking irritable bowel syndrome, ulcer, and bloating that I was suffering from for years.


Im juicing immediately. Thanks!#


I don't understand why Lasiren hasn't just posted the cure for all to see. Why are you asking us to write to your email?


Hi girls, please buy this product, I know the desperation you're going through. I had it for 8 years. This product work for me. Here is the name "PH-feminine health support, boric acid vaginal suppositories 600 mg". You will find this on Amazon. I really hope it helps you, this product has giving me my life back Just type in the whole name on amazon :) I am not trying to advertised I am only sharing what work for me.


Because she or he ( there ARE trolls out here) is selling something.

Just incorporate a high probiotic diet. Google Kefir grains. Im walking billboard. And. No. I dont want your email. Lol.m


I'm interested


Go away, scammer.

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