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Krystle R

OMG. I've been in CRAZY pain for months now. I have not 1 but TWO, yes TWO exposed nerves on both sides of my mouth, I've lost tons of weight because I cant eat, and if something gets lodged into the hole, omg, it shoots this shocking electric SEVERE pain from the tooth up to my ears, down my neck, I've had 2 kids and I will tell you its WORSE than childbirth. I've been pretty much overdosing on ibuprofin and tylenol, i take 800 mg worth of ibuprofin 200mg and 3 tylenol xtra strength and it dulls the pain but my body so immune to the meds now, it barely works. I've been swishing with room temp water which kinda helps. I cant shove anything in the hole or it pushes on the nerve and makes the pain 100x worse. So packing it is out of the question. I was told to buy a pack of cinnamon gum but anything with sugar kills my mouth so idk how this is gonna work...

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Also people should stop being embarrassed to the point they're saying it's a wisdom tooth..... we all know it's not the wisdom tooth that has an exposed nerve. People just don't want to be judged about their hygiene but truth of that matter is that not all of us were born with strong is what it is. Happens to a lot of us but to say it's a wisdom tooth? Cmon....


First get whatever is poking your nerve out, duh, easy, then fill it with bread or rice or some other complex carb, the bacteria will keep the hole filled with plaque and kill your nerve for you


Miz B.!! Well, apparently it's all about you!! This is supposed to be a place where people share remedies for tooth pain. Not sit here and give their sob story. You are a sad excuse for a human being and that's most likely why you have had so many bad things happen to you. It's called karma! So you just sit there and feel sorry for yourself and continue living your pathetic life! I can't even believe I wasted my time reading your crap, I guess it distracted me from my tooth pain for a moment!

As for remedies for tooth pain, don't really have any great ideas. But for some reason swishing cold water in my mouth is tge only thing that relieves the pain for me currently and only for a minute or 2. I hope you all get rid of your tooth pain asap! It's the worst pain ever, worse than child birth!

Hang in there

It is really quite sad that dentists are so expensive and it is hard to get dental coverage through work, even if u can get it, it still costs an arm and a leg. Also, If u are getting assistance through medicaid, dental isn't covered. Yet, tooth infections can literally kill u!! Antibiotics are the only thing that can fully get rid of an infection. So if u are having tooth pain that won't go away, I recommend figuring out a way to get antibiotics, from a friend, family member or even the ER or call around to some dentists and see if they will call u in a prescription. It isn't worth living in pain and possibly dying over something that can be fixed. I have a pretty bad infection and if it doesn't go away in the next day or 2, I'm getting antibiotics one way or another! The last time that I needed antibiotics for tooth pain was 10 months ago and I never fixed the tooth, just got rid of the infection. Can't afford a dentist so I'll just keep doing that until I can actually fix the tooth, by getting it pulled.


I have had the same problem for months now tried everything I could think to do the clove oil nothing packing it nothing but the one thing I did find to help was actually brushing my teeth believe it or not it cleans the tooth and the nerve from any debris it's an instant relief you may have to do it a couple of times before it will work depending on what you have lodged in the hole but anything is better than the pain


Hey I too have struggled with the exact same issue you have my best friend showed me this month numbing stuff that I swear I n both of my girls works the absolute best it if anything I can find for over 20 years. It's called kanka and come in a shape of a pen just a little thicker on one end you twist and on the other end there is a brush that once you twist the numbing agent it sends it into the brush and you can gently apply to the root of your tooth, the nerve or even gums. Whichever may be the issue if not all. It costs around $10 at a local CVS but usually comes with two and is definitely worth the money. Hope you feel better love

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