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Krystle R

OMG. I've been in CRAZY pain for months now. I have not 1 but TWO, yes TWO exposed nerves on both sides of my mouth, I've lost tons of weight because I cant eat, and if something gets lodged into the hole, omg, it shoots this shocking electric SEVERE pain from the tooth up to my ears, down my neck, I've had 2 kids and I will tell you its WORSE than childbirth. I've been pretty much overdosing on ibuprofin and tylenol, i take 800 mg worth of ibuprofin 200mg and 3 tylenol xtra strength and it dulls the pain but my body so immune to the meds now, it barely works. I've been swishing with room temp water which kinda helps. I cant shove anything in the hole or it pushes on the nerve and makes the pain 100x worse. So packing it is out of the question. I was told to buy a pack of cinnamon gum but anything with sugar kills my mouth so idk how this is gonna work...

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Kinda late I hope you got help but I used liquid anbesol not the gel the gel seemed to make mine hurt more.


Try garlic. Chop it finely mix with a little coconut oil and it into the tooth. Or just cut a piece of garlic large enough not to get stuck but wedged in the space. It will kill the infection. Also take the garlic orally every four to six hours. Some directions say remove the garlic after one hour. For me it brings so much comfort that I leave it in place until it is no longer a rigid piece and has seemed to give up all of its juice.

Clove oil is another remedy I've been ready about,but the smell of it turns my I have no clue how well it works. Good luck


I currently have a severe tooth nerve pain, and I use sugar free peppermint gum, It is the only thing that works for me. Chew it up and leave it covering the tooth.


I'm not dentist and definitely not sure of any harm this may cause or not but when my exposed nerve seems to be SCREAMING bloody murder, I rinse my mouth with peroxide and it definitely takes the pain from 12 to 1 with a little initial pain from contact. But needless to say this is a temporary fix


I've been doing all the things you guys have done. It doesn't help anymore, a shot of beer in my mouth sooths it for a minute or two, the peroxide was helping but not now. I've got til the first of the year before I can see a dentist to fix this pain. I'm hitting you up Dentist guy, it's horrible. I have considered extreme things(used brake fluid), I have seen it stop the pain, but I've seen all the teeth turn black and rot.


i have a bad exposed nereve as well and I don't know what to do and I don't have insurance to go to the dentist....I have tried liquid anbesol liquid from aleve gels and lots of tylenoal nothing works


Bc powder works wonders... make a paste and pack it in to the teeth... horrible taste but works great. If you have let the pain get too bad then you are going to take one dose by mouth first then w a second dose make a paste and pack it in your tooth that is hurting....

Hopefully this works for you it did for me


My upper right wisdom tooth has a exposed nerve it's the worse pain I've ever delt with. Even having my son didn't hurt this bad. I been crying and screaming that it sends a shock from my jaw to my head then down my neck to the point I start shaking. I've tried oragel, Advil gels, ibprophen, Aleve, vanilla extract, clove oil, salt with warm and hot water. They work for couple of minutes then it starts back. Been taking benadryl just to knock me out so I can sleep. I dont have the money to go to the dentist so i went and bought Dentemp its like a clay paste u put on teeth if the filling comes out. Plus goody powders help some. My pain has went from a 10 to 3. 10 being the worse.

Miz B.

I have read all of the above but please sit back and listen: Having been bedbound for 10 years and on Medicare, although I should be on Medicaid with the Disability yearly income of a few dollars over $10K, living by myself for the past 4-5 yrs. since my adult son moved out and having been in excruciating pain all over my body and, stemming from the 2 back to back accidents in '02 (first one no fault fall on a chemically treated wet bathroom floor w/o any warning signs posted and being rear ended only 5 weeks later)have completely changed my otherwise active, healthy (after overcoming cancer and my last treatment in Jan. '02) wonderful life with just my son. Until those two accidents in Mar/Apr of 2002 ruined it all. I fought like a lioness, had an attorney (who ran with many client's, as well as a lot of money from my pain, suffering, medical bills, etc.) and later served several years in Federal prison; yet, he got to go home and is most likely living the highlife on my and other client's dime, so to speak. Mr. Stephen T. Conrad of Woodbridge, VA failed to appear at the Worker's Comp. Court hearing, which in turn closed my case. One chance, if ignored or disobeyed, case closed! So all of my bills henceforth came out of savings, my son's college fund and borrowed money with a pharmacy bill of over $42,000.00. Still, I was always on time with my mortgage, other payments and bills; even if that meant Mc'n'Cheese and Hot Dogs or grilled cheese and vegies. As long as my son had proper nutrition, the world was still turning. But after four years of excruciating pain, therapy, chiropractic treatments and medication after medication, my vision suddenly diminished and my teeth literally crumbled away from my mouth with the roots still embedded inside my jaw, and me going downhill fast with every inch of me in pain and only being able to cry out loud when my son was in school. So, I have been bedbound for ten years and the hits kept coming. First the A/C went and I lived a VA summer without air, by October the heater broke, then the refrigerator, the garbage disposal, the dryer and 3 floods due to bad plumbing. Last week the storm drain cracked and a bit earlier my storm door literally flew off it's hinges during a very bad storm. And last Monday my lower level family and laundry room, as well as a half have flooded and have now completely been gutted like an unfinished basement. Oh sure, my insurance will cover the molded, gutted areas but all of my furniture, clothes and whatever else will be brought back in boxes and placed box on top of box in the empty room. But who will unpack it when I can barely go to the restroom, take sponge baths because I can't make it without falling or heat my milk in the microwave as my hospital bed with it's awful metal spring mattress (which is more than wrong for my MS and Fibromyalgia) and now stands smack down in the middle of the main floor in the living room, so whenever the door does open the entire cul-de-sac can look at this once highly active blond woman, who used to take her son to his baseball games and swimming about every day in the summer turn into a toothless, grey haired old woman of barely 54 yrs. of age. I am so sick and tired of eating the same soft mushed food and losing all hope of ever getting out of this god forsaken bed if I can't ear to gain strength again. So, if you are hurting because of a toothache, think again. Because through all of this, I still have a roof over my head, a bed to lay in, although with very little sleep (another bad side effect of the disease and the medication). This is my story and I am sticking to it, although it's not even the half of it. Like I mentioned, I am still grateful that God granted me the strength to overcome everything to raise my son, who at barely 25 yrs. of age has been very successful in his career, graduated HS and the MC JROTC program as the youngest 1LT in his schools history and also took the JROTC Honor Guard all the way to win the State of VA finals. Yes, I am blessed and very proud. And if, by the slightest of chances, a dentist or dental office or anyone knows of any dental clinic can and/or is willing to help me pro bono I would forever be in your debt. Thanks for listening.


Cinnamon gum is sugar free. Cinnamon is not sugar. Make sure the pack says sugar free. It's spicy it will numb your gums. Sorry for your pain :(

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