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ACV and Tea Tree oil Day #1

Ok so I noticed a couple small warts around my butt hole and got it checked out and turns out it was anal warts... I got aldara creme that took about 2 tubes to get rid of them and I tell you that stuff isnt cheap. I decided to have a good look again tonight (Months Later) and thank god there are none, then i decided to look a bit deeper... I pushed and open my ass hole as much as I could and damn there are alot on the inside, immediately i thought my only option is suicide lol. I cant afford treatment for aldara cream again or surgery so Im going to try Apple Cider Vinegar today!!! I could feel internally a burning sensation from time to time and occasional blood when I pooped and i sorta new something didn't feel wright but i ignored it. I dont care how much this burns Ima douse a cotton wool bud with ACV diluted with some water and im gona shove it wright up my butt hole aswell as drink the stuff. Dont care if it burns as long as these fuckers are gone! I will do it every single day and document my progress on this site and hope it works. I will alternate with tee tree oil as these are the cheapest options.

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ACV and Tea Tree oil Day #2

Ok so last night i put a mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar with some water and a couple drops of Tea Tree Oil in the cap and soaked cotton wool bud in it and stuck it up my butt hole for a couple hours. This time it burned a whole lot more and pooping was the worst! I filled a water bottle with warm water and poured decent amount of Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil, gave it a shake then added a douching nozzle and squirted the whole amount in my butt hole to reach deep and internal, i held it in for as long as i could then squirted it out. My ass is a war zone but from what i can see after 24 hours the ones i can see have turned red and raw from white. I will place a cotton wool bud up my butt home mixed with just ACV mixed with water and continue to douche out with the ACV and TTO mix for when it gets too painful for the cotton bud. I'm also drinking a mixture of ACV and water which is gross but I feel a good defense is a good offence and attacking these little bastards from all angles is the only way. Will continue this treatment until everything is squeaky clean. Will update tomorrow with progress

ACV and Tea Tree oil Day #3

Ok so it's day #3 and my ass is pretty mangled lol. My process now is drinking ACV mixed with water in the mornings to cleanse the system from the inside out. I wouldn't recommend eating anything heavy within the first few days, I douche out with luke warm water to help poops out and to clean out internally as much as possible before finishing with my ACV & TTO Wash. About 5/6 parts warm water, 5-7 drops of Tea Tree Oil and the rest with Apple Cider Vinegar. I douche out with normal warm water until the inside is as clean as possible then i finish with the bottle of ACV & TTO Wash. I manage to squirt about a third of the bottle at a time then I refil with warm water to dilute the Mixture so its not so powerful to finish. Might i recommend having a couple pain killers just to take the edge off. I leave the mixture inside for as long as I can then i squirt it out, this covers everything internally as well a small amount will pool on the opening from the inside. Will Keep posting my progress until all healed up.

ACV and Tea Tree oil Day #4

Today I just douched out with normal water to clean the area of any filth that my delay results and healing. I douched out once with the ACV and TTO wash then finished with washing out with normal warm water. My Butt Hole is ruined and in pain so i recommend some pain killers and a couple packets to take off the edge. The next few days i'm just going to douche out with normal warm water to keep the area free from poop and to help with pooping then just allow my body to heal up for a bit. This is a powerful concoction on some tender areas so take breaks or water down your mixture more.


Try doucheing it with normal saline or anything has pH because youre also 'rinsing out the normal ph of your colon'. Yeah that acv and tto burns amd itches like mfk. I usually put constarched based baby powder since having the butthole dry, lessens the spreading of warts and relieves itchiness. Hope that helps.

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