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I'm 15 years old . lately ive been having a problem with Urinating it burns like hell and yesterday I was feed up with it . I decided to go to the Hospital n I was diagnosed with Genital Herpes . the Herpetic doctor prescribed me with Valtrex but im scared to pee because my urine burns badly , i bought A+D ointment but im not for sure to use it ... does anyone have advice for me ????

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Do not use any type of ointment. That can block your pores and make the sores worse. Instead, fill a bottle with warm water and pour it on the area when you pee. If you time it properly you'll manage okay.


I got a stack of those little cups you use to wash your mouth out with (the paper ones that have the little designs on them). Then while I was peeing, I'd pour lukewarm water down my lady parts (id pour it facing towards me right above my lady parts and it would just flow downwards). That helped A LOT. I also heard lysosine (I think that's how you spell it) and taking some sort of salt bath will also help (epsome salt? I can't remember). I usually only take my medication when I'm having an outbreak and in two years I've only had 4 very very mild ones but I did a crap ton of research. I find that sitting in front of a fan with my legs spread helps ease the pain if you want to just sit on your phone or watch TV or something. I'm 19 and found out when I was 17. I was raped by a friends friend my friend was mad at me and left me drunk in an unfamiliar place by myself. Idk your story but it gets to the point where you don't think about it. My boyfriend is 17 (16 when I told him and he's almost 18 now) and he was 100\% supportive of me and loved me even with H. Don't sweat it. People barely care anymore and I heard they're making huge success in the vaccine field.


Olive leaf extract, high dose (20\%) for 6 months. Google it, my partner had back ache with herpes blisters on his feet. All have gone after starting the treatment and no back pain. Just 5 months taking it now.


Cure Herpes things to buy 100\\\% oregano oil, take 3 drops with 8 oz water. Buy organic unrefined cocont oil organic take 1 drop under tongue mixed 3 drops oregano oil. You have to eat only raw foods for least 8 months. Take vitamins. Drink only plain water. Stay away sugar and sodas, chocolate. Also buy aleva from drug store if you have blisters and sores this will help. Also do exercises and eat healthy. Hope this helps!!!

Logan Gail

Valtrex helps tremendously with sores & pains, been taking it for 8 months. & my doctor told me the meds would literally push out the disease out of my body when i first start taking it. I believe thats all you're experiencing ???? although i do recommend googling natural home made remedies &/or recipes for help with the stuff if the valtrex doesn't help you out! :) lemon balm & peroxide also work very well for myself ???????? be blessed

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