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My Hives are completely gone! I am going to share what helped me, with the knowledge that everyone is not the same, so please try everything. I cleansed my body in this way.

2TBSP a day of Apple Cidar Vinegar with Water and Honey

2tsp a day of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth with water (you can get it on amazon) make sure it is the Food Grade

3tsp a day of Collodial Silver (you can get this at a Health Food Store or on Amazon)

Eating foods with natural steroids, I only ate fruits and vegetables for a couple of weeks, and Quinoa, Spinach, sweet potatoes, figs, green smoothies with banana

2000mg Vit C, 5000iu Vit D and a very good multi vitamin

And Alot of Prayer! I am writing this because I feel for those who have this affliction. Please try to cleanse your body of toxins that may be compromising your immune system. And Drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

God Bless You!

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Bette... I don't know if you will ever see this and coming from a complete stranger, not sure if it will mean much but from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for posting this. Since March 2016 I had been just covered in hives.. I had been on steroids, ended up in the hospital with angio edema where my lips made the Kylie Jenner lip challenge look like a joke... After going to see a dermatologist who pretty much wrote me off and suggested injections of bio whatever junk ... I started researching and came across your concoction on DE, ACV and colloidal silver. It's been 3 weeks doing this religiously and I have MAYBE one small dot in the morning. Thank you for posting this. You are my saviour.


Hi Joe:

All I can say is YAY!!!! I am so grateful that this helped you. It is a process that our bodies have to purge, but hallelujah that you are okay. I have so much sympathy for people that are going through this after my bout with it. Thank you for sharing this. I don't even know why I came back on here to look, but something told me to. It does my heart good to know that somebody benefited from this knowledge. God Bless You!


I am about to try this. I have been suffering from hives since last Monday 12/26 and need a cure. A doctor told me it could be due to cedar fever but I'm tired of taking antihistamines. I am hopeful this will work. Thank you.


An enzyme called Serrapeptase along with some strong turmeric extract did the trick for me 2 weeks ago. My hives could not be cured or controlled even with 40mg of prednisone and 18 pills a day of different antihistamines. Please do a Google search of Serrapeptase and read reviews on online stores. It was a miracle cure for me after many years of suffering from bouts of hives. Feel free to contact me for more details, but do your own research. There are many brands and varieties. Remember to also take a atrong turmeric supplement along with the Serrapeptase and avoid your triggers. Hope this helps someone. Best of luck.


Thank you so much.. my partner is at present suffering from this allergy.. I hope this works on him..


You should not ingest colloidal silver since it collects in your system and after some time will turn skin purple!


LOL Shelly I hope you don't really believe that collodial silver will turn your skin purple. That wives tale is silver made at home that is ingested in buckets for years. Please do some research before you post such things. You only take silver when your body is fighting off something, i.e. the flu, hives, etc. Just like any other medication.

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