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My experience right now, It started maybe a month ago, i have no clue genital warts exist. the feeling after doing number 2 and wiping it was kind of itchy, to the point that ive been over using the tissue coz it feels good wiping it and it started to bleed a little.

Maybe a month later. A wart started to show up. I ignored it. I thought when i was wiping, it felt not normal. Like theres a tiny 'bump' and still continue on 'over using' or over wiping my anal.

I ignored it and thought oh it will go away. Then i didnt know it multiplies. When i look in the mirror, the shock and horror on my face. I started searching for warts and ended up on this website.

I tried ACV, it did work for two days. But the pain and itch even the burn is just hard to tolerate. I dont know how u guys can do it but boy i feel like im going to pass out. Sitting is just too painful. It itches like a mfkr.

Maybe a week using it. It still feel like the warts on my anal is just moving around. I hate this feeling of doing the acv and then feeling all the pain etc.... But then i have to endure it til i can just so it would go away. Its my second week using it and im just depressed.

Now i just bought, sleeping aid gels, recticare (lidocaine) just to numb the area and it does work wonders. (Highly recommended to get a local anesthesia) i would say. I just used this today, and hoping in a week, everything is gone.

I am even drinking ACV diluted with water of course. But i am watching since i feel like my digestive system was affected by my anal warts.

If you know a better way of dealing the anal warts besides ACV, let me know pls... I could use all the help. Thanks!

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does having anal/genital warts means you have hiv?edd

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