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Boil sufferer

Another home remedy for those who's boils have become resistant to other solutions is the ginger and turmeric paste. Slather on a thick layer then tape it up shut. Seal it off completely and snuff that bad boy out. Leave the bandage on for at least 3 days then change it and repeat process. Not letting any air into the bandage has gone down significantly. Today is day 6 and I've changed it up to tea tree oil and band aids shaped into a hashtag. Again sealing it up so no air gets in. However I did a hot compress for a bit before I bandaged it up again so hopefully this helps. Also, I've been trying to take goldenseal alot. I started this process as soon as I felt the boil come in and it grew but sealing it shut has made it shrink alot! Hopefully this can help one of you.

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