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My broken tooth is a jagged stub and slices into my tongue. Until I can see the dentist Monday, I discovered (hold off on the Nobel nomination) that one of my Macks (brand) soft foam earplugs fills the gap comfortably providing a physical barrier twixt demonic tooth and painful, bleeding tongue. I often remove it (the earplug) for a good rinse under running water, or I just swish another sip of beer to promote good, dental hygiene while anticipating Monday's experience. Okay. Now go ahead and make the call to Sweden.

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This is working at the moment! Thank you!


you are absolutly a delightful person... you made me feel better just with your wit

thank you

x )

your pal

heather homner


John I like your sense of humor, very funny!! It take your mind off the pain. Just made the call to Sweden!!


Thanks for sharing. I just bought those earplugs last week. Hmmm guess I was sensing was was soon to be!! Keep smiling!!

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