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Hi everyone. I recently had and am still recovering from poison ivy rash and infection. I have read everything from this and many other websites that I found online. At first I did not even know that it was a poison ivy rash and when the first blisters showed on my right arm I just thought that it was an insect bite and did not pay much attention to it. Probably by now you figured that this was my first poison ivy rash ever. So these two blisters on my arm aggravated me because they were itching so badly and I decided to pop them thinking this would solve the problem. Then, this two blisters multiplied and started inching even more and soon after big area of my arm around the blisters turned red and very swollen and more and more blisters came up. I tried not to scratch them, but it was itching so bad and many of them started oozing. I went to the local Walgreens for benadryl with antihistamine for the allergic reaction I was having. The pharmacist there saw my arm and told me that it was infected and I need to go to the emergency room for immediate care. I was so mad at myself for not taking care of the situation before my arm got infected. So I got the Benadryl went home and started thinking. I read that a steroid antibiotic is needed in this case but I could not get it over the counter. I knew I needed antibiotic and something topical to help with the infection. Then I came up with a plan which actually saved me from going to the hospital and being needled and fed these steroid antibiotics. I took two Benadryl tablets every 6 hours and two tablets zyflamend nighttime first day morning, noon and evening and after this just two in the morning and two in the evening. That topicaly I cleaned the infected area with rubbing alcohol 70\\% every 2-3 hours for the first day and after each cleaning I put ichthammol ointment 20\\% on the infected areas which is drawing the infection out, so it started oozing even more. Two days was oozing really badly but on the third day was oozing just a little and almost all swelling was gone. Now the fourth day is approaching. I am all better. No pain and no itch when I take my Benadryl on time. I just did my rubbing alcohol cleaning and speeded some ichthammol ointment. I will cover now loosely with something these areas because of the oozing and the ichthammol ointment(which is black and stinky and you cannot wash it if it dents on your clothes or sheets) and I am going to sleep. Hopefully by tomorrow all the infection will be gone and I will not need to apply the ichthammol ointment or clean with rubbing alcohol anymore.

I hope that this will be useful to you as it was tome. It saved me a trip to the ER and all the medical bills I had to pay afterwards :)!!!

Be aware that the ichthammol ointment is not available in the stores I got mine via Walgreens but I hat to order it and wait to be delivered. It was a good think that I already had it when all of the above happened. So order ahead if you are getting poison ivy/oak rash frequently.

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