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I did my research and have removed 5 moles from me and made two attempts with another person. I used fishing line. Tied in a knot around the mole. You can not use this technique on every type of mole. You have to use common sense. The mole has to be the type that protrudes out from the skin, with a defined base suitable for teeing the fishing line.

If the mole is in a place that is difficult for you to tie by yourself, get help. Make sure you get an almost perfect tie around the mole. If you miss, try again. What ever part of the mole you do not get will be left, and you will not get another chance. Tie the fishing line tight until it hurts, wait a few minutes until it stops hurting and then tighten some more. repeat. Again, use common sense, if you pull to tight you will remove the mole. I prefer to cut off the circulation, let it die and then allow to fall off. I believe that is the best way to minimize scarring.

I have had amazing results. Three moles I removed were from my face and can tell you it was worth it, and there is NO noticeable scars either. The first mole I removed was from my arm, so I had practice and experience before trying my face.

The other person we tried to remove moles from did not have the right moles? Although they looked right, we could not properly tie the fishing line... so would likely have to get a dermatologist to perform the removal.

I do not recommend lotions, chemicals, herbs or ??? Unless you really know what your doing. Everybody is different and react different. You could have a bad reaction, or ruin your chance at teeing it with fishing line.

Good luck.

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how long did it take for your mole to fall off?

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