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I've been suffering for a year with thickening of my fingertip skin. It would then itch, turn red, swell up and crack. It started on my right fingers and then moved to my left. it was so painful. I tried creams prescribed from Doctors...they not only didn't work but stung like a.......anyway, a WEEK ago a coworker gave me a Betametasona/Clotrimazol/Gentamicina cream she got over-the-counter in Mexico. I now have my fingers back healthy and that cream didn't sting at all!!

The doctors here have to know about it I don't know why they want us to suffer. Demand it from them if you can't get it from Mexico(it's like $3)

Try it.....for me it is my salvation.

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I have been suffering from spontaneous cracked on the my feet for 2 years not just the heels but also the soft arch skin and ball of the foot.It is so painful like walking on glass. It starts as a itch that when scratched becomes inflamed, the inflammation then transformed into hardened skin that cracked and could take months to heal. At one point the condition began to appear on the palms of my hands and fingertips. I've made a fairly large investment in bandaid, creams, emollients not to mention countless hours of research. The I found this post referring to Betametasona/Clotrimazol/Gentamicina.

THIS CREAM SAVED MY LIFE. IT WORKED IN ONE WEEK. Fortunately, I live in Los Angeles so finding a mom and pop store that sells pharmaceuticals from Mexico was easy. I paid $20 for the tube. I am going to share this through the the Internet as much as I possibly in hope that I can help others as much as this anonymous post help me. THANK YOU anonymous and the friend who gave you the cream.


Ain't this the truth. Today my finger was the worst so after reading this i realized that I HAD THIS CREAM !!! My parents just got back from Mexico and bought like 7 of these for my bros and sis . I' ccan't wait to try it :)


Is there an internet site it can be ordered from please. I'm in England, getting no help from my doctor at all for this. It's all my fingers, they're cracked open and very sore my fingernails have started falling off. I have horses and dogs to care for and I'm in agony plus it looks horrific


Diamond touvell

Yes it is the best...


Dear Grateful. I live live in LA County in the San Gabriel Valley. Do you know the name of the store you have found the cream? And where it is at exactly, (city)?? Please let me know ASAP. You can e-mail at Thank you in advance. I’ve been looking for quite.

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