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Been in pain for the past 12hrs and I mean PAIN

I have antibiotics and need the swelling to go and abcess to be treated before tooth can be treated

I've been taking cocodamol and ibrufen alternatively

The pain heighten to unbearable in the last 3 hours, in a last ditch attempt to try and get some sleep I read the home remedies on here (I am now also terrified I could die of septicaemia before morning)

So, here is what I used and worked before the last three horrendous hours

- cocodamol 500mg

- ibrufen 342mg (not sure if you should mix the two, cocodamol for pain ibrufen for the swelling)

- eludril mouth wash - instantly takes down internal swell on the gums/mouth

- cold flannel on the cheek

- oral jel

- bongela

When I wanted to put my head through the window with the amount of pain I did the salt water (I can't stand salt makes me gag) and held in mouth swirling as long as could, then did listerene, then kept alternating. I know have flannel on cheek still

The pain is still lingering but I no longer want to chop my head off and I could sleep(I hope) now

Would have tried the teabag but couldn't fit in my mouth yet - when the pain is this bad you will try anything!

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it is excruciating pain (didn't help that i had neuralgia from the tooth behind that for 4 days just got on top of that pain and BANG this has happened to join the party), bongela unfortunately made mine worse so i resorted to hot salty water with corsodyl in it every 10 minutes along with 2 ibruprofen and 2 paracetamol - the pain isn't gone but is bearable hopefully dentist can sort me out tomorrow


A men brother pain is a mofo


do not sit down. it throbs worse. in between the pain, sip warm or cool water with alot of powdered turmeric. i hear it takes down inflammation and is a natural antibiotic.


also, cleanse and disinfect everything. all this is coming from bacterial germs. in and outside of your mouth...wipe everything down with vinegar or alcohol. cover steeping teas or any sitting foods or drinks. cover it. close lid when flushing. cover toothbrushes. be careful where you hang your towels and washcloths. everything matters, nowadays! take plenty of vitamin c's and d's. use organic coconut oil for swishing and gargling. wipe down door knobs, handles, microwave buttons, fridge handle, toaster knobs, keys to laptops and phone buttons. hellllppp!

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