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I've struggled with psoriasis and dandruff all my life. I could not go one day without washing my hair, otherwise, I would get scabs, my scalp would start itching like crazy, and I could not even think of moving my hair around, like to get it out of my face, because I knew the flakes would fall all over my clothes. Sooo embarrassing. Am not sure why it occurred to try baby shampoo, and to my surprise, the scabs, the itching and the dandruff are all gone. I could go up to 2 or 3 days without washing my hair, and am sure I would still not have any problem. Any way, this has been my great experience. Just thought I'd share.

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Thanks for sharing your comment but is there a particular kind of baby shampoo you use?


Was it Johnson's baby shampoo?

a longtime hairdresser

Baby Shampoo is unique due to its highly alkaline PH. Most shampoos are PH balanced to match hair and skin, which normally is 4.5-5.5. Baby Shampoo is PH balanced specifically to be “no more tears” and match the PH of the eyes, which is a very alkaline 11. It is actually drying and not as gentle as we like to think- not on the hair and scalp, just on the eyes! And it achieves the goal of cleaning baby’s hair, which is often healthy enough to withstand extra dryness. So you are likely helping counterbalance an overly acidic scalp environment by using an alkaline shampoo.


To the hairdresser above, I think you might want to revisit that idea. No more tears means knots. As in no more tears in your hair, as a hairdresser, I would expect you to know that. It has absolutely nothing to do with your eyes, as anyone who has gotten ANY type of hair product in your eye, it stings. Even baby shampoo.

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