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I started having boils when I was 11 years old got it 3 times in one month. Back then it wasn't painful really. But I'm 19 in my senior and my groin area started hurting so bad at school. During that night sure enough it had formed into a boil. But what sucks about it is I have prom tomorrow and it hasn't busted yet. I have been soaking in a warm bath with Epsom as much as I can I have been applying an onion. I even had an onion on my groin while I went to school yes it's really disgusting but I really don't care because of prom tomorrow. I need this boil to bust already. My grandma told me after her surgery today to get a potato and slice it in half. Take one half and wrap in a towel just once and place it on the boil. And honestly I'm so thankful for this remedy of hers because it has went down a whole lot and don't hurt that bad I'm trying to get the top part to do same as the rest of the boil did. I had change potato got a fresh one. But I also I bought this cream boil ease at Walmart n it helped the first time but the second time I used it barely help. Also took ibuprofen one in the morning before I drove to see my grandma in the hospital I had littary token three yesterday. I don't take any pills so my family was shocked that I actually token ibuprofen. But yeah I was asleep but woke up from the burning pain. And can't get back to sleep which is really bad because I have school. I may just skip because I ain't getting sleep anytime soon. But yeah I will update everyone soon about the boil and hopefully it bursts. Please pray that it bust today I have prom tomorrow and want to be able to enjoy my time with my fiancée and friends without any pain and be able to walk

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How bad did it hurt when the potato was on?? I've heard this remedy all my life but also heard it can be very painful. I'm scared to try it

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