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I've had dry eyes at night for several years. I was used to waking up several times a night and having use eye drops, which only provided temporary relief. I was able to find permanent relief by simply applying a thin layer of Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm (with Vitamin E & Peppermint) on my eyelids and both corners of each eye. Careful not get any in the eye. I get tears instantly, and am able to sleep through the night.

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Barbara Knapp

Dear, dry eyes are a problem to be taken seriously. Applying burt's bees beeswax lip balm on eyelids is not a good solution for dry eyes. The eyelids are very sensitive and very much prone to cancer, please avoid using it. Dry eyes are caused due to lack of tears or evaporation of tears. This does not mean that you should go for such remedies because such use of lip balm is very dangerous for your eyes. Natural aging process, side effects of certain drugs , diseases that affect your ability to make tears are some factors that causes dry eye. Using artificial tears, avoiding too much air movement, use of a humidifier in the winter are some factors that can help avoiding dry eye problems. Fans, wind and hair dryers can make your eyes even drier, so you should limit your exposure to them. If you are going outside on a windy day, wear a pair of wraparound sunglasses to reduce the chance of wind blowing directly into your eyes. There are suppliers like citysunglass (, Oakley and more that offer you such sunglasses.


this is the worst advice I've ever heard! peppermint essential oil would be irritating hence the tears you're getting - which are NOT the moisturizing type fluid, but rather just salt water coming from your tear ducts in response to the irritant. The fluids secrets by the eyes to keep them most come from ducts in the corners of the eyes and along the eyelids - NOT the tear ducts!

I hope no one tries this completely ignorant so-called "tip". it may have "appeared" to work for this poster, but it will only be a superficial and temporary fix. The real problem will persist and likely worsen eventually as the underlying cause isn't being adressed.

I love diy, don't get me wrong, but only when a bit of diligence is practiced. This poster clearly didn't take the time to read a thing about dry eyes or anything else for that matter. Google is your friend.


I also have had dry eyes for four years, since lasik, and my eyes have been inflamed and swollen, with huge visible inflammation lumps. I tried everything recommended with no success. I accidentally discovered that Burt's Bees was very soothing, and started using it at the edges of my eyes, and eventually started putting the balm directly onto my eye whites. It has cleared up the dry eyes and the inflammation. None of the ingredients save peppermint oil are bad for the eyes, and I think that the peppermint oil not only soothes the eye but also promotes better blood circulation. Regardless of the theorized dangers listed above, Burt's Bees lip balm has made an amazing difference, and I will continue to use at as long as necessary!

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