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I've decided to have the cyst removed surgically since it has returned three times in the same spot. When its drained it is like a baloon thats deflated, all is good until it inflates again. The surgery will remove the baloon for good. I tried the paste and its messy, stains everything it touches, and didnt really offer relief, wish I could say that it helped but all it did was make my wife mad that the floor mat, towels, sink and bathtub were all orange when she woke up the next day, haha.

The doctor explained that there is a pool of puss that drains immediately, but that there is still infection in the surrounding tissue, sort of like a full sponge and she squeezed alot more out than i would have myself. Probably one of the most painful experiences of my life, but the relief was immediate. The main reason i am sharing is because i've let mine drain twice after basically exploding, but it keeps coming back...time to take out the empty baloon...for anyone going through this the first time, just know the pain is gone immediately when its expressed and the infection made me feel like i had the flu, fever, malaise...good luck and i hope i helped in some way.

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