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I have had a couple plantar warts on my heel for about 6 months. The intense pain from them has made it so I can barely walk. I had good luck with the ACV with mother but it became alot of work & stink. Salicylic acid did not work. I went $

& had them froze at DR & that didn't work. I tried doing my own surgery on them. I tried soaking in hot water. Nothing was stopping the 10 on 10 pain! Today I read all about how awesome Lemon essential oil is for treating these. Went immediatly to the store & bought Aura Cacia brand. 7-8$. I dumped a few drops on them, let it soak in & didnt cover with a band aid. Just put my sock on. I kid you not...within 1-2hrs after applying I was able to put pressure on my heel & walk! Wahooooo!!!!!

Im going to apply the Lemon oil 2-3x per day and see if gets rid of them but for now Im super happy about just walking! I also can touch the area without cringing & the smell is nice!

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I'm not sure if you have heard of or tried banana peel?

My 6 year old son had one and I tried freezing myself but Didn't want it cut out as its painful.

So I tried banana peel. I cut a bit of peel off and flesh side down I secured it and left it on for 24 hrs. The next night I didn't notice a change but repeated the process for the next two nights. Night three the wart was very soft so I got the tweezers and scraped a little out ( don't pull just scrape) I done this for the next 6/7 nights after the peel had been on for 24 hrs and on the last night when I had appeared to have scraped it all out, I just left it. it left a hole in his foot and when His skin came back it was perfect. That was 1 1/2 years ago now and absolutely nothing has grown back! Go BANANA! Cheap and easy, worth a shot!


Hey I didn't know about banana. Great idea. I've been using onion on my 2 year olds warts. Just rub it on while he's asleep and in about a week it's gone. I'll be letting people know that onion and banana peel work. ????????

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