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For worms: I found this REALLY affective and it got rid of my worms in 2-3 days.

You get 2 table spoons of body cream that you often use to moisturise your body.

A small squirt of hand sanitizer. (The more you add the more effective it'll work, but if using on your child only do a small amount since the hand sanitizer can cause stinging if too much is added)

And 1/2 tea spoon of paw paw ointment.


Melt the paw paw cream in the microwave for 5 seconds and add to the cream and mix thoroughly.

Then proceed to add the hand sanitizer into your mixture.

Every morning and night put some cream around the anus, this kills the eggs and reduces itchiness.

Soon, the worms will go away.

I advise also eating garlic cloves raw as well.

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Give a garlic enema every night for about 4 or 5 nights.

You can read this remedy on line or in book Prescription For Nutritional Healing.

Besides the enemas, wash linen. Clean house and such.

Dee Dee

I read that remedy in a book. Haven't given it yet. Next time have to deal with parasites in my kids, they will get nightly garlic enemas.

I pray I do not have to deal with parasites again. OMG seems to go on forever. Horrible. The icky feeling of them in the home and inside my kids was horrible.

I remember reading this same remedy win a book and on line. Seems to work.

I have given enemas with the bulb syringe a few times for constipation and fevers. Enemas are a great home remedy!

Every mom should have a bulb syringe or enema bag in the home. Have one in the home before you need it. Believe me it is hard being a single mom to have to run out in the middle of the night to buy an enema syringe.

Now, I have both in the home. Bag and bulb syringe.

Glad you posted this remedy


What if I had it longer

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