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Hi all, I am not sure if this is HPV or what. I have small pebble hard cluster bumps under the skin and only one bump that's a little bigger that looks like the cawlflower shape I've been reading about. They have been there for years. Haven't gone away or changed. Do you think these are warts?

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Braggs ACV works!!!

I have HPV and got the warts treated earlier this year in January. Some went away but there was one stubborn wart at the opening of my vag that didn't want to go away. I had the acid treatment (ouch!!). After having read several posts about ACV treatments and the success of warts disappearing over a few days to weeks, I was curious and had to try. I started the ACV application ,with a q-tip because of its location, on 09/07/2016 and noticed it puffed up and turned white with minimal stinging. Second night, 09/08/2016, I applied the ACV again and this time there was a tiny opening on the wart and the stinging was more pronounced but tolerable. Checked the wart the next morning and there was NOTICABLE vanishing. On 09/09/2016 I applied ACV before getting dressed for work. I viewed the area when I got home...and was impressed! The wart is practically gone!!! After my shower it looked as though there is no wart but I applied more ACV to keep treating the area. So I am a firm believer that the warts respond well to ACV.

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