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Mia Nona

'Remedy to reduce fevers',Put a whole potato in the refrigarator, let chill, then take it out, slice it in slices, and place on forehead of fevered person, change when potato slices are hot to touch, which is in less than a minute. Keep repeating this.

The potato draws out the fever!!

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This actually worked I am 35 and my fever went down from 100.9 to 99.7 in just a few minutes of treatment.


This remedy has been tops in my family for years and years. I currently have a fever myself and wanted to see if there was any other home remedy since I can't find any white sheets to cut up to put the potato in. It'll be worth it to ruin some new sheets, though.

Be aware that the juices from the potatoes will make permanent stains, so be sure to use old clothes and old sheets. White sheets are best to be cut or torn to the size(s) you'll need.

Be well!


My baby has a fever. I am trying to figure out what you do with the torn up sheets that help when you do the potato remedy. Clarification anyone? Thanks!


Wow sounds like a great thing to do....does this work with any potato? My little ones have fevers and i was wondering what would help do the job...but i only have red potatoes!


how rediculous just use proven medicines


If we were looking for OTC medicines, we wouldn't be searching for NATURAL cures online.

I'm a little unsure of the potato remedy but I know that wet socks work well.


it worked for me


It worked in my family for years. Try it for those in doubt question yourself how can it hurt? A little prayer with it really help as well.


Potatoes have always worked for my family, at least three generations.Why use a OTC when a natural method works?


You know a potato doesn't DRAW out if a fever. That makes it sound like witchcraft, as if it is an evil presence. All you did was put cold potato on forehead. Cold washcloth or ice pack does the same thing.

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