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The hurt below

Just wanted to tell all the doubters out there (because I was one to) If you are waiting to try this cute then you are the problem. I tried it 1 time that's right I said 1 time and saved myself a trip to the proctologist I am literally going on vacation in three days and this saved my vacation it burned for an out 10 min I layer down for about two to three hours got up went to remove the pad and it busted handfuls of puss and blood. THIS WORKED THE FIRST TIME I want to call the newspapers. I made the poultice exactly the ingredients cost about 30 bucks BEST 30 I HAVE EVER SPENT when it drain INSTANT RELIEF INSTANT. I will never doubt homeopathic remedies ever ever agian. So if your like me in agony for two weeks wanting to kill yourself scared It was ass cancer TRY THIS it worked for me hopefully it works for you. Thank you god thank you meds thank you google. I'm gonna go sit all over the place because I can now hahaha have a good day people and god bless

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How deep was the abscense does that matter cause mine feels like its half inch bellow skin and btw hahahaha to the shoutouts and i will do the same once i can get this pain away i dont care about the puss but pain is making me feel like im going to faint and i almost did this morning turned pale white .

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