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Jamie S

I just been diagnosed with genital herpes on 4/14/16. I started to feel some symptoms on April 8th after my husband and I had sex. After we had sex I figured because of the burning it was normal I went pee it started to hurt. And I had immediately started my period afterwards so I thought to myself maybe this is period pain since I am type 1 diabetic. After visiting the hospital 4 times in 3 days they came to the conclusion that I have genital herpes they did not tell me if it was hsv-2 or HSV-1. But ever since I've been crying and screaming every time I have to use the bathroom I cannot make a bowel movement without it feeling like it's tearing me in half. It hurts so incredibly bad I told my husband I just want to end it all he's highly upset but he's very supportive he told me you'll be here for me 100\\%. He's not showing any symptoms and he's going to get checked I'm really nervous because this outbreak has lasted since the 8th and today is already the 18th I don't know what to do it feels as if it's not getting any better and I keep having discharge down there. Somebody please help me on what I should do I'm Type 1 diabetic and I have genital herpes and I'm so scared I'm only 24 years of age

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Take 2000mg l-lysine a day and red marine algae. ... this will help with outbreaks, stay away from high arginine level foods and keep your lysine level food higher than your arginine level.... take advil when in pain ..... your not alone in this ...


Use propolis pills twice daily

And put on the sores manuka mixed with propolis powder it will make you feel much better


Take Epsom salt baths daily. They will be your savior. After you shower or pee use a blow dryer to dry it off. Then apply baby powder often to keep it dry. I had the same problem of not being able to defecate it was the most excruciating pain that I didn't eat for a week. I then started using a hemorrhoidal cream and A+D ointment as I was about to go for a few days and I was able to go again. Like you I am also rather young at 21 so getting this news was the worst. However, I think about how it really isn't the worst thing in the world. It could be so so so much worse and by making slight changes and percautions it really doesn't even seem like I have it.


So did you determine how you got genital herpes? Either you already contracted it from someone else or your husband had it. I contracted it from an affair i had and told my wife so she would not get it.

Just saying.


This is good cure herpes you will need to detox first buy eating organic foods, stay away sugar, caffaine. Buy pure oregano organic oil extract with high amounts oregano nothing mixed in it. Get some olive oil extract organic, or cococunt oil. take with directions. Mix three drops oregano oil and 1 drop cococunt oil then put it under tongue twice daily. Then add some in ur back part under spine rub twice daily. Drink only water. Do some yoga and pray daily. hope this helps. You can buy all this items online or store sell herbs. Research first anything before starting any home remedies. I will be praying for you.


I'm so sorry to here this! I too am a type 1 diabetic who's been diagnosed with hsv and its depressing as fuck but I'm noticing that a lot of people have it.. That's still not a good enough reason to feel it as acceptable. I'm now taking 1000mg l-lysine daily and I've stopped drinking sodas(diet&zero), I do my best to eat well. The net has many helpful hints to help me/you/us so just research and do the recommended advice. This is not easy but I guess since its not killing us we've got to be getting stronger.. Right?


I'm a 63 yr old female and I too have HSV......I've had it as long as I've been married....almost 35 yrs! YES, it's upsetting and very painful!! When I got it there wasn't much around to help with the rash and pain. I take generic acyclovir 2 times a day,that for the most part stops the virus from "flaring up" but if I get sick with the flu or a cold it can surface! I take vitamins and Ly-sine is one of them,it helps too. This virus lives at the bottom of your spine, your tailbone to be exact!It will surface there sometimes if I've had allot of stress,ate too much chocolate and or nuts.Your Dr. can give you a RX for acyclovir cream,it works but is costly!! Apply it with a Q-Tip several times a day.Another tip....use 2 washcloths in the shower,NEVER wash your face an body with the cloth you wash your private areas.This virus is VERY contagious!!

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