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I had vertigo really bad and heard it was a crystal in a canal causing it and to do the exercises which did nothing but make me sick.

I figured that there is a way to dislodge it better and fast.

I leaned my head to one side then using the palm of my hand, I smacked my head a couple times. Then leaned to the other side and back and front doing the same thing.

I used a fairly good thump.It was just before bed but noticed instantly that it did something. I woke up the nixt day and had no vertigo at all. It has been a month now and still has not returned. I did this once before but only did one side and not as hard and it worked but not as good. It came back a day later when I rolled over onto the side I was having the problem with. The second time I was a lot more aggressive with the treatment and am Happy as hell. Email me if you try it and if it helped.

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This isn't a joke. People are really suffering from this and it's absolutely horrible. If telling people to smack themselves in the head and then email you is your idea of fun then maybe you should hit yourself in the head a couple of times.


Are you serious ?


Gentle tapping on the bone behind my ear will sometimes help. Perhaps slapping hard just worked for this guy, that's all...


This guy is not Joking! He is talking about the epley maneuver for vertigo, look it up before you start judging people!!! I have had vertigo for days I had to go to the ER over it... This guy's advice worked for me I just tried it in conjunction with excercise of deep head hanging and repetitively thumped my head as he suggested, It worked for me. I followed this video made by a MD ( ) in conjunction with head thumping outlined above, thumped behind my ear with my hands, solid thump not hard enough to hurt, but good solid thumps with palm of hand, it cured my vertigo which I have had for 3 days and could barely move my head. Try it if you have vertigo, it worked for me.


PS:Thank you Bryan, you really helped me I had to go to ER for severe dehydration from vomiting for days the most torturous time of my life and this really helped, for those searching, try this, it worked for me.

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