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I've been a line cook for 10 years and I constantly burn my finger tips. I don't have time to run my hand under water, soak it in ice, cover with flour, etc.... The only thing I've found to work for instant pain relief from a burned finger tip is to wrap a rubber band or hair tie around your knuckle a few times, reducing circulation, don't cut off too much circulation or it will hurt and throb even worse. As your finger tip becomes cool to the touch, gradually unwrap your finger. Provides near instant pain relief and works every time.

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Richae Welch

This works. I literally am trying it right now... Burnt my fingertip by grabbing the burner and tried 3 diff things... This being the first to work


Ice on burn then dipped in flour works! Thanks


Toothpaste works wonders on minor burns it'll take away the burning feeling in a matter of a minute so you'll be able to tell it's working right away. For any second-degree third-degree Burns anything showing blisters or discolored skin go to the emergency room do not try toothpaste


Literally right now I am doing it and I haven't had it on for 2 minutes and it works...Thank you so so much

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