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Travis T

8 Years of having warts and i'm finally free!!! Ok, I don't have any secret formula or anything for you to try. I'll just share with you what helped ME. I have had warts for 6 years. I had to explain to people what they were and at times painfully admit that I had them (Please don't feel bad!) You're still human and A LOT of people have GW's. I got mine from my ex who had no clue she had them(Cant fault her) anyway. It got to a point where my warts multiplied and grew over the years. Constant condom rubbing and moisture from having sex does NOT help. This does not mean quit having sex by any means. But, warts do love moisture.It got to a point where they were getting REALLY bad. I tried the ACV and the tea tree oil combo for a little while. It did help bring down the size of some of the bigger ones. Also helped some of the small ones come off. I tried a few other things as well. The greatest things that i did that really helped were these. 1.) Quit smoking. 2.) I started eating healthy, not to get rid of the warts but just to be healthy.(Im a smoothie nut now.) and 3. My girlfriend bought me some all natural soap which contained tea tree oil. I don't know exactly what did it. But all I know is. The last few weeks have done more for me than the last 8 years has. All I know is I had warts a month ago. I woke up one morning last week and randomly noticed they were gone. I was in shock and so EXCITED. Can you imagine? After 8 years of warts? I jumped up and called my girlfriend in to come take a look. She was excited as well(She loves me regardless though.) Anyway, My warts are gone after having them for what seems forever. I just want anyone who's worrying and struggling to know its not the end of the world. You CAN get rid of them. You dont have to wait 8 years either. Just take care of yourself. ..You want to know what the best thing I did was? I STOPPED FOCUSING ON THEM. Mind over matter. To stop making it such a big deal and wake up one morning with them competely gone??....EPIC.

Love you all and good luck.

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Thanks. This might help me out a lot. Hopefully this will help with what I've got going on.

Amber Evans

Hi... I was wondering if it cured your GW because I've tried ACV, Hydrogen Peroxide and apparently Witch Hazel and nothing has worked. I have had this one wart for about two years and about 7 months ago, more came along with horrible smelling discharge. I was planning to go to the store and purchase a Tea Tree Oil Soap because of what you said in hopes that it'll cure it not only remove the wart. ????


Amber if you have a few long lasting warts, go to a dermatologist and get them frozen off.


-Duct tape, apple cider vinegar works.

-Also try Newton's homopathetic wart compound.


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